The Republic of February, majestic golden exhibition red flag

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At the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the Chinese athletes strove to take the lead, made achievements and made history. It was exciting and gratifying.In the gold, realize the dream at the same time, they choose to adhere to, persistent dream of the story is moving.However, the Chinese team athletes but in the name of spring, in the name of the Republic of February, with his philosophical interpretation of the poem, in the hearts of the Chinese people, blood, thinking, nerves, intoned the new green.Indeed, winter never gives up trying to devour spring.At least, baishuang wants to “lighten” the spring.But who can stop the brisk march of February?In order to the Winter Olympics this gold medal, The Chinese team athlete Xu Mengtao insisted on four Winter Olympics, “every day to change the pattern training” “hard training, repeated training”;Su Yiming, a Chinese athlete, often trains for seven or eight hours a day in order to compete in the Winter Olympics “at home” and achieve good results.In order to “refresh the history of China’s best ice dance”, China’s Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu never gave up despite all the hardships…Because of love and adhere to, because of the dream and firm.What sustains them in the face of difficulties is their love for ice and snow sports.What supports them to achieve breakthroughs in challenging themselves is the pursuit of dreams.Beijing Winter Olympics, the willow bud is not opened the sleepy eyes?Does not the hard ice drop excited tears?Aren’t the swallows fluttering their wings in the warm spring breeze?Does not the river rush with ecstasy?As Chinese athlete Xu Mengtao said, “Practice more and gain more. Hard work will certainly help you at the most important time.”The road to your dreams is never plain sailing, but time will not live up to your efforts, and dreams will not live up to your persistence.The sweat we shed on the way of pursuing our dreams and the difficulties we overcome will become precious spiritual wealth and accumulate into our life after years of precipitation.Now, in February of the Republic, how could one be a hibernating sloth bear, or a talkative cold bird?Let’s hold up the flag of Lei Feng and dedicate it to our hot summer, just like the burning sun in the morning!Now, in the Republic of February, how can be rust dead pure, let “fetishism” pollution vision?Let’s hold up the flag of Lei Feng here and stand out with a towering monument of faith!Now, in the February of the Republic, how can we cool down family affection, friendship and the most precious traditional virtues of our nation?Let us contract over our love for all our people, And February deserves to live in the Republic forever!At present, the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century and the COVID-19 pandemic is piling up, presenting mankind with multiple challenges.A new addition to the Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, “more united”, points to the key to breaking the game.The theme slogan of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics “Together for the Future” also speaks to the hearts of people all over the world.In the Winter Olympics, high-level competitions were so exciting that athletes from all over the world competed and exchanged skills, exchanged friendship and enjoyed each other. The attempt to politicize sports proved to be a failure.Through the television cameras, the global audience saw a united, inspirational, hard-working, tender and harmonious Winter Olympics, which is the common vision of mankind, but also a realistic portrayal of “more unity”.