Qin City emergency Management Bureau urgently allocated epidemic prevention materials to support epidemic prevention and control

2022-09-11 0 By

Hebei News (correspondent Shi Xin) Recently, in response to the needs of the current epidemic prevention and control work, The Qinhuangdao Emergency Management Bureau of Hebei Province acted on the order to urgently allocate a batch of epidemic prevention and control materials to support the grassroots “epidemic prevention front-line Party flag red” activities.According to reports, the municipal emergency management Bureau has allocated 28 emergency tents and 50 folding beds to the Organization Department of the Seaport district to help solve the problems of checking bayonets, setting up inspection points and keeping volunteers warm.At the same time, 30,000 disposable medical masks and 5,000 pairs of latex gloves were allocated to the municipal public Security Bureau to strengthen the safety protection of frontline police.”We will continue to strengthen communication with the Organization Department of the CPC Municipal Committee, replenish supplies in a timely manner according to demand, effectively solve the problem of shortage of epidemic prevention materials at the grassroots level, and provide a strong guarantee for the city’s epidemic prevention and control work.”City emergency management bureau related person in charge said.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.