Make up time to break the door, difficult to cover Xu Xinlang false reputation, unbearable responsibility

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Unreasonable extra long time, the achievement of Xu Xin’s final break, but difficult to cover its wave reputation, unbearable responsibility!I would say that seven minutes of added time was humiliating.Join seaport or stay in Taishan?Deep-set vortex of Xu Xin’s heart is probably not in the national football team!However, seaport vice president Sun Xiang, who has been trying to recruit Xu Xin, will regret his performance against Japan and Vietnam.Against Japan, The midfield composed of Wu Xi and Xu Xin not only did not stand up the backbone of The Chinese team, but also repeatedly made mistakes and was repeatedly broken by Japan, resulting in a serious disconnection between the front and back of the field. Xu Xin’s performance also formed a huge contrast with the match against Australia.On the first day of the New Year at 8:16 minutes, the war against Vietnam, the other side in the right side of the continuous pass, Xu Xin just with a slight leg block, blocked failed to actually like a nail standing on the edge of the penalty area, helplessly watching Du Xiongyong sweep in front of the goal, Ruan Jinling pushed the goal!It is hard to imagine, in this intermittent period, rich, honor of Xu Xin on his own how the expansion and indulgence!Xu xin became famous against Australia and seemed to be the backbone of Chinese football, but looking back at his career, he was only Li Guang in the army or Liao Hua in the Shu.Xu Xin, 28, who was born in 1994, is best known for playing for Atletico Madrid.Should look for opportunities abroad, improve skills, he guangzhou Evergrande taobao club in December 2015, began to fight for money, but the higher the ball when you least, is very difficult to play in the team, but in 2021 to join the shandong hristo, gradually establish the main body position, it stood with him two world-class foreign aid has a direct relationship.The depth of love, responsibility cut!Xu Xin is in the golden period of his career, honor and money can only become a stumbling block on the way forward, only never give up enterprising and brave efforts to be the first, it is possible to achieve the perilous peak of life!# football ## Ball crazy #