Jetway X90 PLUS super comfortable accompany you to farther places, enjoy more beautiful scenery

2022-09-11 0 By

Can you own a home for 100,000 yuan?Perhaps it is true that the newly listed “big family happy driving” Jietuo X90 PLUS integrates into the “home” culture, and comprehensively improves the driving experience of users when they travel by virtue of large space and many intimate designs. It is not wrong to call it mobile “House”.The whole system is equipped with two/three row air outlet, so that the family is more comfortable in the hot summer or cold winter, the comfort of driving and riding in the car is closely related to the air conditioning system.If the air conditioning of large space models is not close enough, it is difficult to disperse the stuffy or cold rear passengers.Jetway X90 PLUS all series standard equipped with rear independent air outlet, for rear passengers to provide appropriate temperature space.If the user chooses to install 6/7 seat layout, the whole system is also equipped with the third row of air outlet, which is very intimate.What’s better is that there is an independent air conditioning control system in the rear of the high model, so that you can enjoy adequate and appropriate interior temperature regardless of the heat and winter.And built “mobile big sofa”, let the family sit better “seat” body is also an important link of influence comfort feeling, express way X90 PLUS understand user needs, the “surrounded, wide-bodied” seat design, on the basis of the whole vehicle standard senior comfortable leather chairs, improve the car luxury quality at the same time, also give the man who ride a better comfort.At the same time, two rows of seats can be adjusted from multiple angles, so that the front and rear passengers can enjoy the “90 lie down”, can be called “mobile sofa”.Careful adjustment of the four-wheel independent suspension, let the family travel a little bit more stable often drive a friend is not difficult to find that different cars in speed bumps when the degree of soft and hard is very far away, which is in fact inseparable from the suspension adjustment.Jieway X90 PLUS uses the former Macpherson type independent suspension, after the multi-link type independent suspension, thanks to the new car’s four-wheel independent suspension, so that when it is over the speed bump or pothole road, greatly weakened the impact of the road on the overall balance of the car, greatly improved the driving experience.The noise from the outside world is another big factor to destroy the comfortable feeling when you travel. Jetway X90 PLUS uses a number of leading production processes to create a 36-decibel quiet cabin.A volume of more than 50 decibels can interfere with sleep and rest, while 36 decibels is the equivalent of whispering. If a loved one, child or parent needs a nap while traveling, the new car’s quieter cabin is a better way to get a good rest.In the cockpit request more comfortable today, express way X90 PLUS to “villa villa, house, garden, villa, farm” five have family element naming, from air conditioning to seat to the suspension, to the quiet cockpit, to get close to every one of ride comfort, for the user “space” and “comfortable” travel experience,It also allows hard-working family members to take their families to farther places and enjoy more beautiful scenery in rare holidays.