Han Yu-tong is in!Women’s 1500m short track speed skating semifinals: Cui Minjing breaks Olympic record

2022-09-11 0 By

Chinese women’s short track speed skating zhang Yuting, Han Yutong and Zhang Chutong compete in the women’s 1500m semifinal at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 16, Beijing time.Choi Min-jeong of South Korea broke Zhou Yang’s Olympic record in group 1 in 2:16.831. Han Yutong was second in group 2 in 2:17.12.Two other Chinese players, Zhang Yuting and Zhang Chutong, failed to qualify for the Group A final.Earlier in the 1500m quarter-finals, China’s three women, Zhang Yuting, Han Yutong and Zhang Chutong, competed together.Finally Zhang Yuting and Han Yutong group third direct promotion, Zhang Chutong with the result of the best group second to advance to the semifinals.Group 1, Zhang Chutong in lane 4, this group also jin Buting, Li Youbin and Fang Tana.After the race began, Zhang Chutong was at the end of the team, American Stoddard was in the lead, And Lee Yoobin and Kim Buting were in second and third.The second half of the fangtana took the lead, to the last Zhang Chutong slide immovable fell in the last, finally is the last group to the line, Li Youbin 2 minutes 22 seconds 157 group first, Fangtana group second, Jin Buting 2 minutes 22 seconds 371 group third.Zhang Chutong finished last in 2:26.717.The second group of competition has the Dutch general Shulting and Belgium little beauty Demme, Japanese player Kikuchi Juni in the start to lead the position, the second half of the scuffling shulting rushed out, Kikuchi Juni fell out, Shulting and Demme smoothly crossed the line, the third is Hungary’s Petra.The third group, yu hon tung and Zhang Yuting hand in hand, the same group and world record holder Cui Minjing, after Russian voss tricot, she temporarily leading Zhang Yuting in second place, yu hon tung in the end of the line, the last two laps Cui Minjing, yu hon tung killed out continuous overtaking follow Cui Minjing finally second promotion,Cui Minjing ranked first in group 2 minutes 16.831 seconds to break the Olympic record. Han Yutong ranked second in group 2 minutes 17.112 seconds and Zhang Yuting ranked sixth.