For the “key minority” tax: enabling high quality leapfrog development

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On February 12, huaihua municipal leaders and city management main leading cadres to study and implement the spirit of the sixth plenary Session of the 19th CPC Special reading class officially opened.Pan Haiyuan, member of Huaihua Municipal Committee of CPC, Secretary and Director of Huaihua Tax Bureau, was invited as the first guest to give a special lecture on taxation entitled “Giving full play to the Function of taxation to Enable High-quality Leapfrog Development of Huaihua Economy” to the “key minority” participants.From the perspective of tax revenue, combined with the analysis of the current situation of huaihua economic tax sources, the contents of the lecture put forward the countermeasures and suggestions for the high-quality leapfrog development of tax revenue. The lecture was explained in a simple and profound way by PPT demonstration, which aroused strong resonance and was highly praised by the “key minority”.”Tax revenue is closely related to each of us. It is taken from, used for, and benefited from the people, and it permeates every aspect of People’s Daily life.”Pan Haiyuan made a clear start in teaching, quickly narrowed the distance and created a good teaching atmosphere.Then, sea one subject to tax the evolution of history as the breakthrough point, elaborated the tax collection and administration system reform process, closely around the “tax and economic function, which is the meaning of tax analysis of the status quo, the tax authorities can assign which economic leap-forward development” quality from three aspects, focusing on “key a few” are the most attention “our economy tax situation is what?How can we develop competitive industries, expand economic tax sources, and provide more financial resources for high-quality development and people’s livelihood?”Pan Haiyuan with a group of tax data, a comprehensive analysis of huaihua’s economic development in recent years, the characteristics and highlights, and summed up the experience and shortcomings.At the same time, the plate of sea focus on economic development, based on which the regional present situation, proposed the support the development of the advanced manufacturing industry, focusing on carbon of peak areas of carbon neutral, positive Suggestions for the development of the open economy service, to strive to promote “tri-cities area” construction, speed up the logistics industrial park, which is the association of southeast Asian nations (asean), which is the international land port, asean cargo collection center of comprehensive construction pace,The magnificent picture of realizing modernization and new Huaihua provides tax revenue “capsule”.”At present, the city has set off a great grasp of industry, vigorously grasp the industry, the upsurge of the industry, GDP, large-scale industrial added value, fixed asset investment and other major economic indicators of growth have all entered the top 5 in the province.This is the greatest reliance and confidence for us to forge ahead, innovate and work together into the future.”Pan Haiyuan said in the lecture, Huaihua tax will closely follow the strategic deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, closely follow the overall development of the city, maximize the function of the tax department, do a good job of “collection” and “reduction”, in the guarantee of financial resources and stimulate vitality highlight the responsibility of tax;Do a good job of “training” and “help”, contribute tax wisdom in expanding financial resources and strong momentum;Innovate in “management” and “service”, and show responsibility and action in taxation in sincere governance and optimizing business environment.”Comrade Pan Haiyuan’s lecture has a high standing, wide vision, strong professional, accurate measures, profound and vivid, professional and focused, is a valuable and instructive lecture!”At the end of the lecture, many municipal and county-level leaders and department heads congratulated Pan Haiyuan.It is reported, in the city’s highest specification of the study class to open tax thematic lectures, the purpose is from the perspective of tax revenue, further deepen the understanding of the law of economic development of cadres at all levels, improve the ability of leading economic work, for the party committee and government to make scientific economic decisions to provide beneficial reference.”The tax department is always the party committee and government reliable vanguard, the tax team is always the front line of the economic front to win the iron army, the tax cadre is always the people of the city trusted satisfied public servants!”Plate source said, huaihua city tax department will continue to do the cultivating high-quality tax sources and tax support, enhance the vitality of market main body fall in love too much, to give play to the role of sm to tax, to accelerate the four new “three high” strategy, strive to build “tri-cities area”, the high quality leap-forward development of economy and society, which shows new act as a tax,With more outstanding achievements to meet the party’s 20th victory held.(Correspondent Jiang Xiu-de, Zhou Yan-xi)[Editor: Fan Ruqin][Source: New Hunan client]