Dija Altman: this monster is breaking all kinds of records. It’s too hip

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As the beginning of Heisengao, the work Dija Altmann has left a deep impression on many people and irreplaceable childhood memories.The play, in addition to the handsome Dija Altman and human body, but also physical form of the monster.These monsters vary in strength, but almost all of them can fight Dija Ultraman back and forth, and some of the stronger monsters can overpower dija Ultraman.However, the monster in this issue is not one of them. It is the Titan.The Tanzania star is the tiga altman “29 sets the memory of” blue night “monster, driving it flying saucer is driven by the great ancient and well – not only fly one shot down easily, it is human body also big ancient easily knocked out, even after the huge defeat by tiga several recruit, I would like to call it pp.47-53 most monster crotch.In the classic TV series “Memories of Blue Nights,” popular singer “Maya” is actually an alien who possessed a little girl in a car accident 15 years ago.At that time she took the spaceship accident, can only take Maya brother and mother two people to leave, Maya was left in the earth, attached to the little girl’s life.After 15 years, because the planet is invaded by that tan star person and the Maya elder brother that flee attach the body to come to earth on new city body, he wants to receive Maya to leave the earth to search for new planet life.The Natans came to earth after Maya’s brother.The Natans are discovered after breaking through the delta station’s defenses, and the victory team sends Ohku and Horii to intercept them driving the Feiyan ONE.At this point, the Natans flew a flying saucer at Swift One, which began to strike back and shot down the Natans’ saucer with ease.Unbeknownst to the winning team, the natans after the flying saucer was shot down did not die.It killed a male earthman and possessed him through a dependent ability called the Embedded system.Using this disguise, the Natans found the new city where daiku was talking.After claiming that he was doing natan’s “justice”, the Natan men shot dagu with a light gun and were stopped by Xincheng, who was possessed by Maya’s brother.After suffering a major blow, Brother Maya is still desperate to stop the Natans from attacking Dagu.Taking advantage of this opportunity, Dagu knocked him down twice.Three, the huge was destroyed by Diga in a minute knocked down the star of the people, big ancient holding victory haipa gun pointed at the star of the people said “arbitrary trample on freedom, what is this justice” this classic lines.Hearing the words, the evil spirit of the people of that star smiled, lifting the dependence on the earth people, the whole body is huge.See Maya and Maya brother reunion opportunity to be destroyed, the initiator of that tan star people are so arrogant, big ancient anger into Dija.Then, it took just over 50 seconds for dagu to destroy the Natans.In front of it, Dija didn’t even have a chance to flash a light.In fact, according to the data, natans should not show such a crotch pulling.The reason, or because this episode is too rich drama, the need to spare time for the plot, so that star talent is so pulled.The natan people were nicknamed “The Great Natan” for impressing millions of Olympic fans with their antics.If you have a memory of a monster that was knocked down by Deja in two or three strokes, or hear the name ‘Natan the Great’.No doubt, this is the Natan.Finally, I have to say, Deja the eternal god.Not only is the play excellent, but the music is also excellent.For example, the song That Maya sings at the end of this sentence, “Memories of Blue Nights,” is really nice.This is the end of sharing about natan people, it is not easy to create, can you give the author a thumbs up?Your support is my biggest motivation, thank you!