Did You overreward me on purpose?Player: I can’t believe it was sent by mistake

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We’re at the end of Protogod 2.4, and the game is having the best time of the year, and the reason for that is simple — the Hawali version has the most activity rewards except for map chests.As an almost purely single-player game, rewards must be cut in order to survive and increase the player experience.Otherwise, players will easily fill up their roles, fill up their life seats, and there will be nothing to do at all, which could lead to an increase in the “pit drop rate” in Primordial.”Original God” Gan Yu Chunqiu Jun although often ridicule “original God” to reward less, but this is not in conflict with the “single player game reward to affect the life of the game”.Even so, Chun Jun still wants more rewards from Mihayou. After all, who doesn’t want more and stronger roles in The Original God?Did You overreward me on purpose?There may be a 7-day check-in at the end of the original God version if the national server and foreign server reward mail synchronization is normal.”Original god” game PV: Yun Jin singing opera but 2.4 version of the “original God” is Shen He, Yun Jin appeared in the Lantern Festival version, the Spring Festival was all white sent a ten, if the version of the end to give seven days to sign in, the reward really give much.”Original god” announcement page thought “original God” 2.4 version of such a 3 hair entanglement edge, version of the end of the past so flatly.However, when I was about to quit The original God in the early morning of February 9, I suddenly received two emails.2 entanglements, 2 golden crabs, 12 holy relics experience late at night email, that must be a reward.When it was opened, it was exactly what it was — double.When I saw the game suddenly have the same two rewards, it didn’t feel right at first, but I didn’t think much of it.Later, I found an apology announcement from Mihayou early in the morning on the official website of “Yuanshen”, saying that the email was repeated, but it would not be withdrawn, but that all the players of the server would have one more entanglement.I have to say, “the original god” staff is really too hard, around one o ‘clock in the morning suddenly issued a notice, also do not rest.At the same time, Chun Jun also found that the original God server and the international server seem to be the same time to send the wrong reward email, foreign server players are discussing.”I can’t believe it was a mistake!”Many original God players also noticed this problem and made fun of it in the announcement of Miha Game: “Good boy, it is also available on international server, I can’t believe this is a mistake;International server received 2 reward emails at 8am.Generally speaking, the same game should be played on different servers, and email rewards are usually “timed”. It is possible, but not likely, to go undetected.”The original God” this multiple rewards, players do not believe it is wrong, although unexpected, but also in reason.In any case, the Original God gives one more entangled edge, which is still very worthy of praise.What do you think?