Building a solid “physical defense” barrier to help the market resume

2022-09-11 0 By

During the Spring Festival, the District Market Supervision administration, in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control work in the provincial and urban areas, made solid efforts to prevent and control imported goods in the commodity markets, promoted the orderly resumption of business and work in the market, and actively carried out two-line “three services” in response to the increase in business and market resumption after the Lantern Festival, so as to eliminate potential epidemic prevention risks in a timely manner.In a car sales point in Huaxing Auto City, the district market supervision administration staff is checking whether there is storage of imported parts in the warehouse, according to the requirements, before December 1 to enter the customs accessories as long as the supply license of imported goods, after December 1 to enter the customs, in addition to providing the supply license of imported goods,Entry quarantine certificate, preventive disinfection certificate and Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test report should also be provided.The relevant person in charge of automobile sales, said for the storage of imported accessories, they will be after completion of the shoppers in the designated area, and is managed by designated personnel, for 6 to 12 hours, then put into use, at the same time direct contact with imported components management 2 days still need to conduct a nucleic acid detection, detection a 7 days indirect contact personnel requirements.Physical prevention and control is an important juncture in epidemic prevention and control.According to area market supervision and administration of the relevant controller introduces, in the near future, the agency organization jurisdiction technology conference, head of the professional market, has been clear about the market requirements, such as import goods and personnel MoPai and urge the market before the opening of improve the prevention and control system, completed a comprehensive MoPai xiaosha and market environment, establish a kill zone and install video monitoring.Each district office has also established a daily inspection and information daily system to verify market conditions and guide the market to do a good job in mapping, handling and information filling.Business departments to do a good job in business guidance and supervision, while inviting the second discipline inspection and supervision group to participate in the supervision.We will further consolidate the responsibility of the market for epidemic prevention and control by signing a letter of commitment on epidemic prevention and control.Next, the market supervision Administration of the district will also guide the market to implement civil air defense, physical defense and environmental defense measures according to the work requirements of the provincial and municipal bureau and the needs of the market merchants, so as to strive for the prevention and control and the resumption of work and business double harvest.The 2022 Lin ‘an District “two sessions” is coming, these events are worth looking forward to!2. Snow falls in Lin ‘an!The mountain is silvery and picturesque!3. Central media watch Lin ‘an! CCTV13 Pay attention to Lin ‘an ice & snow Economy!5.@ All those who come and return, this notice is very important!