After 80 3 tiger downturn!Radish took a hit when he won. Selby lost a lot of fights. Trump is in a championship drought

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Snooker has changed dramatically this season, with Robertson, Selby and Trump having shaken their once rock-solid dominance.At present, the three are in a slump, the best performance of Robertson won the Masters championship after a series of hits, although Selby returned to the world no. 1, but this season repeatedly lost, and the status of the world championship four champion is not commensurate;Trump, who has won 11 ranking titles in the last two seasons, is disappointed to be in a championship drought.Robertson has been one of the best three players of the season, crowned the new English Open champion, beaten 8-10 to the world Grand Prix final by O ‘Sullivan, and riding high to win the Masters at the start of the New Year.However, after winning the second masters title and the sixth three major title of his career, Australia has suffered a series of setbacks: the German Masters started badly, 3-2 lead but lost three games in a row, the aggregate score of 3-5 upset and finally reached the semifinals of Ricky – Walton played a round.Today’s Champions League group 7 will start, originally with O ‘Sullivan, Higgins, Robertson was forced to withdraw because of COVID-19 positive test, it is a double whit.World Number one Selby holds nine Triple series titles and is widely regarded as snooker’s strongest post-80s.Strong crowned world championships last year after the champions league, 4 selby repeatedly war and defeated the new season, not for any contest finals, at the beginning of New Year’s performance is still impress, the champions league group semi-final defeat back 4, 1-6 masters eight strong loss Hawkins was revealed after the depression, the German masters 4-5 YanBingTao reversed kill lost, lost the players championship.Donald Trump is even more controversial, as he has made bizarre comments about the importance of winning a minor event as well as a major 3, in an attempt to show that he is no worse than Selby, after all, the president’s 22 ranking titles are currently unmatched among the post-80s generation.However, the president has been in trouble this season. Although he has won the championship, he lost his dominance in ranking matches and could only play as a chaperone after his accuracy dropped. His 5-1 defeat to Zhao Xintong at the German Masters was a memorable scene.When did Trump break his ranking drought this season?Let’s ride a donkey and read the book we’ll see.