Uncle because the net love aunt refused to live together for a long time, to return the other gold bracelet rejected, in the street quarrel

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Title: “come back to live ten days eight days away” an uncle to return to the network love aunt bracelet was rejected response to the original is not easy, welcome attention, forwarding, plagiarism is strictly prohibited!Net love is not a new thing, but the success of the elderly net love is not a lot of, because the majority of net love is long-distance love, most of the elderly both sides have children, property is also a lot, both sides in love to consider the problem more, unlike young so simple.Most of the disputes involved property, with an old man facing similar problems. An insider revealed that the old man was from Yanqing, while the woman’s aunt was from Hebei.They argued in the street for financial reasons and were filmed by netizens and posted online.The old lady was refused to take her luggage when she went to her home because the old man wanted to take back the bracelet he had bought for her, but the other man did not want to give it to her.Be seen by net friend, hope they explain specific reason, help solve dispute.The man said to the woman, “I want my bracelet.”Aunt response: bought a bracelet for me for a year, must want my thing, heel pull chicken like pull I go to public security bureau, I say to him 5000 yuan, the rest dozen ious to him, he all disagree, must now want.Because the old woman spoke too fast, the old man did not have the opportunity to interrupt, but looked at the embarrassment wry smile.The old woman continued to introduce: take me to the public security bureau, I just finished the operation, hold my neck, my luggage is still in his home.They wouldn’t let me have it. They tried to strangle me.For more than a year, I cooked for him, cleaned and washed his clothes.Grandpa replied: I know her from the Internet, stay for ten or eight days and then left.The woman responded: “Without registration, can I stay here for a long time?Uncle introduction: began to live two months three months can not find, and then came again.The old woman replied: Can’t find it?Isn’t it video every night?You can’t find the video?He’s been to my house three times.Grandpa replied: Yes, did I give you the fee?The woman replied: Give me one thousand, two thousand.”How much more do you want?The woman replied, “I buy meat and vegetables for you. I buy this and that from here.”This network love old contradiction is also many, the general idea is that because there is no registration of marriage, so aunt did not live in uncle’s home for a long time, there is no long time to accompany this will lead to uncle is not willing to return the bracelet, detain aunt’s luggage.Because the old people are involved in too many things, it is difficult to love each other, just want to take care of each other, so there are many contradictions, most of them are difficult to last.If the couple really love each other, things become easier.There are a lot of such things, feel two old people have a problem, net friend message: two old people are not afraid to lose old face, late born admire!Young people are not as funny as you.Netizens are also divided in their opinions, with some saying that the woman is not single-minded enough for her grandpa’s money.Some netizens think grandpa is not loyal enough, just want to find a nanny who does not pay back the money.The old man wants to find a long-term home. Every time, the old woman takes advantage of the old man’s salary to live for ten days and half a month, and then she goes to the next house when the money is almost spent. How can she endure hardships with the old man?Two people don’t match when they stand together.There are netizen message: not married again, are round here live a paragraph, there live a paragraph, get some gold and silver jewelry and so on.The elderly network love is right, the information age the elderly also have the right to enjoy this era, but before the life together did not talk about good, if the lady does not want to live in his home can speak in advance, things if they talk about good, the intention of the gift that has no right to ask for.What do you think of that?For more exciting content, come to chat Pepsi