This man fought only once in his life. His plan changed the fates of Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi

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Heroes were born in troubled times. During The Three Kingdoms war years, there appeared many famous figures in history, such as Zhuge Liang, Zhou Yu, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Sun Quan and Sima Yi.No matter which one to take out, the name is like thunder piercing ears, especially the “ancient strategist” Zhuge Liang, he used his life to explain what is dedicated to death, until the last moment of life are still in the Shu.Zhuge Liang was liu Bei’s advisor, and Sima Yi was cao Cao’s most important adviser. He died 234 years earlier, at 51.Sima Yi did not die until 251 and lived to be 72 years old. He was a key official of wei for four generations, because zhuge Liang and Sima Yi were on opposite sides of the state.Sima Yi, no matter how good he was at making strange plans and fighting, would suffer if he met Zhuge Liang. Why did the fate of the two people turn out to be opposite?This is a person called Ma Su can not get rid of.Sima Guang once said: “the more 巂 Ma Su just plan people, good theory army plan.”That is to say, Ma Su was a gifted man, more intelligent than ordinary people in military matters.In the Annals of The Three Kingdoms, Liu Bei reminded Zhuge Liang more than once: “Ma Su is exaggerated, can not be used.”Liu Bei did not believe Ma Su, that he could say the flowers, but they simply could not do, must not reuse this person.But zhuge liang ma very trust, didn’t think he is a available, besides ma talk talk quite a ZhuGeLiangZhi wind, in the eyes of zhuge liang, he is a buried talent, is a piece of gold, just like, like myself in the screen of dust, and have been getting the chance to zhuge liang, want their own hands the luminous pearl, let people to change their prejudice against him,His talents were brought to full play.In 225, when Zhuge Liang was about to attack the rebel Yong Kai-shek, Ma Su, as zhuge liang’s confidmant, sent each other for dozens of miles, walking through one castle peak after another, but could not bear to return.Zhuge Liang said to Ma Su: “We work together planning for many years, today you give me a good plan.”Ma Su did not live up to Zhuge Liang’s expectations, said to Zhuge Liang: “The journey is far away, the terrain is dangerous, easy to defend difficult to attack, according to the current forces, strong attack will only lose soldiers, will lead to more flames of war.He also warned Zhuge Liang to stick to a principle: “Attack the heart as the first, attack the city as the next, treat people kindly.”So how to attack the heart?Zhuge Liang was so clever that he did not speak for himself.He knew that Meng Huo was not very clever, but he was honest and honest. He was well received by the local people. So He arrested and released Meng Huo seven times.Meng Huo was arrested seven times. He was so ashamed that he was ashamed to go back.Ma Su’s strategy also laid a foundation for himself and made Zhuge Liang trust him more.In 228, Zhuge Liang was the best strategist to fight the Northern Wei. At that time, his main opponent was the famous Sima Yi. Zhuge Liang knew how dangerous the war was, but since he dared to send troops to the north, he had a clear idea in mind.But the battle was unexpectedly lost.The main responsibility in Ma Su, Liu Bei had mentioned many times, do not reuse Ma Su!This time, Zhuge Liang or his right-hand man used, and gave him great confidence, regardless of the dissuasion of all people, obviously there is a better candidate but not, but directly did not fight a battle ma Su directly promoted into a pioneer.Ma Su received the order, the whole person is not in the state, perhaps the first time when the pioneer too excited confused, or because this is the first time, so at a loss.Ma Su made the soldiers battle taboo, directly gave up the water, stationed in the mountains.Worst of all, he could not mobilize his troops and make a mess of the whole march.When the enemy attacked, they were just like scattered sand, being slaughtered by others. Because ma Su made mistakes, the army lost a large number of soldiers.Zhuge Liang difficult to calm the public anger, in order to consider the overall situation, decided to give all the soldiers an account, so there is a famous historical allusion “Kongming tears cut Ma Su”, because Ma Su error, led to the failure of the whole war, the northern expedition failed, he also Shu also greatly hurt, can not afford to battle.Six years later, the heart and mind of Zhuge Liang how failed to put the country kuang up, regret to die, has become the regret of the ages.Sima Yi, because of this war, was more important, sima family also rose in the dark.”Jin Shu” said Sima Yi is: “The appearance of the day ting, should be zuo life, wen to rule, wu to lengwei.He’s a big man in troubled times.If you like it, give it a thumbs up!