The world: “The Wind of Beituo Temple” said feng Huacheng’s state of mind, but also wrote the vicissitudes of the world

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Feng Huacheng in “The World” has changed a lot with the original work. In the original work, he did not follow Zhou Rong back to the north, but has been in Beijing, because of continuous cheating, Zhou Rong said he was “relapsed”, choose to divorce, alone and sadly returned to his hometown.But the drama in the Feng Cheng to be gentler than the original work, kind-hearted, some conscience.He learned that Zheng Guangming in the north tuo temple was burned, presided over the desolation after the death.After collecting the wind on the spot, he wrote a song called “The Wind of Beituo Temple”, which attracted attention. Through continuous reports, he expanded his influence and helped Beituo Temple.Because feng Huarong this poem, Zheng Guangming problem solved, this is Feng Huarong for zhou made the first good thing, to help Bingkun Zheng Juan, so they do not have to consider selling a house to help the light, but also promote his relationship with Zhou Rong.Feng Huacheng was a cultural intellectual of that era and a romantic poet.His ten years in Guizhou lonely and suffering, so that he returned to the real life, talent was not met.He also wanted to lead a kind of literati pride and lofty day, but the reality polished his edges and corners, he was Zhou Rong laugh at the end of his talent, despicable dirty.Because he had to be baptized by reality, with the development of The Times, learn to give gifts.Even if such unbearable under the support of others, Feng Cheng still cherish enthusiasm, unwilling to mediocrity, in the face of the suffering in life, still know the light of ideal, but the xiaozi literati’s decline lofty, selfish, can only borrow poetry lyric.This first “North tuo temple wind” in fact, is the true state of mind of Feng Huacheng, also the vicissitudes of sadness in the world, write accurate and in place.The love in the world is full of warmth and expectation.The mutual warmth between each other and the love of watching and helping each other between loved ones inspire the great love of human nature imperceptibly.Feng Huacheng is love Zhou Rong, is love Yue Yue, but in real life, but can not give Zhou Rong want to day, also can not give Yue Yue want to life, this is the world’s biggest sad, powerless pathetique.Zheng Guangming and Zheng Juan zheng mother picked up the “fall in the world” angel, although suffered all the sufferings of the world, but the heart is full of good light.Zheng Juan of bingkun gratitude and zhou everyone pay, is the purest love in the world;And the light in Zheng Juan and bingkun good, take the initiative to become a monk, zheng Juan bingkun is the best feedback and kind warmth of blessing.In the world, is like this, no one is the worst person, also have no who can do the saint that selfless love, shadow, are all kind to each other, get god have mercy, and will be gentle with life.When this poem is said through the light and indifferent zen heart, it has a zen flavor, a soul, more moving heartstrings, and love for the world.”The wind pierced through a section of the ruined wall and pierced the withered clouds with low crow singing.” The cold north wind passed through a section of the low ruins of the wall. In the cold winter, the clouds were low and only crows were singing low, alluding to the tragic reality of Beituo Temple now.The poem is also a true reflection of Feng’s life, from a famous Beijing poet to an obscure one who won the first prize by giving gifts.Good as his poems were, he could not have won the prize without the help of “these nobles”.”The wind blew bursts of smoke melting incense broke the bell” Beituo temple will not be, but the fireworks in the world is still rising in the breeze, endless.Although human fireworks can replace the temple incense, but we in the human world no longer hear the bell.Times change in the world, still continue, human fireworks constantly, not because of the existence of a temple and stagnation.Broken bell, is also a hopeless feng Into their own future despair, he can not see the hope, whether it is his career, or his family, broken more than the bell, and Feng Into the heart.In fact, people can not always lingering in the past glory, because yesterday’s sun, drying clothes today.People still have to look forward, accept the reality, and strive to move forward, so as not to “break the bell”.”Wind with a little bit of cold into the pores, extinguished the heart heat woke up the supreme coolness.” Although the cold into the pores, make people cold, but we are so helpless to accept?No, you can’t do that. The cold wind is so cold that you can wake up and hope again.This is feng Huarong’s portrayal of his current mood. Even if life is cruel, he must pick himself up, let his enthusiasm and passion burn again, and burn his beloved poems again.Unfortunately, the selfish Zhou Rong, only feel that Feng Huarong helped Zheng Juan Bingkun, but not in the mood to seriously understand feng Huarong this mood, so there will be, Feng Huarong wrote a poem to read to her, her indifference.My favorite line is “The supreme coolness awakened.” Life is hard and we walk through it, and as long as we have love in our hearts, as long as our hearts are warm, we can overcome the suffering in the world.The misery and sadness of the world, everyone will encounter, why we should be immersed in the past, rather than the heart to live well in the present?Wake up the heart of kindness and resilience, but also wake up the great love in the world, to make their own better.The phrase “supreme coolness” tells me that even if we are not treated gently by life, we should still live our lives with enthusiasm and passion.In the face of everything in the world, please smile and leisurely walk through.Just as feng Huacheng recited this poem in Peking University: If life deceives you if life deceives you, do not be sad, do not be impatient!Calm down on blue days: believe, happy days will come!The heart always yearns for the future;Now it is melancholy.All will pass, all will pass;And that in the past, will become a kind of nostalgia.Zheng Juan and Zheng Guangming this is not a blood brother and sister, each other to keep warm, Zheng Juan’s troubles, will tell his brother, brother will use Zen to help treat his sister.The time between the earth is trivial and helpless, each experience a suffering impact, is to test a person’s essence of the moment.We should live realistically, cherish the present, live well in the present, is the hardest truth in the world.What this poem moves us is that it moves a vulnerable place deep in our hearts, awakens the time and space, awakens the human heart, and the hope of life lies in the supreme coolness of the human heart.That sentence in the trailer for the series: life is a lifetime, vegetation in autumn, come like wind and rain, go like dust!The various tastes of the human world, the impermanence of life, the fickleness of the world, as well as the truth, kindness and beauty between people are truly displayed in this play.Taste the fate of everyone in the world, the more will feel that this is the real world.Even if there are many hardships, we still have to: “love like fire, the world is worth it.”Author: Luxurious zen mind to pay attention to my words, into your heart.You have stories, I have tea, and we can talk about the rest of our lives.The illustrations are from the Internet.