Qi Yang city government held the sixth executive meeting in 2022

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Rednet moment On January 30 – (correspondent MAO Bin) On January 29 afternoon, Qi Yang Municipal Party committee deputy secretary, mayor Chen Xiaoping hosted the qi Yang municipal government 2022 sixth executive meeting.City leaders Bai Xiongwen, Jiang Mingming, Wu Dongtao, Bai Manhong, Zhou Zhenlin, Qin Bo, Zhang Xueming, Tang Linwei, Zhou Haiping attended the meeting.General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection;The spirit of the second plenary meeting of Yongzhou Municipal government, to study and deploy the implementation of the whole city;We listened to and deliberated explanations on the pre-arrangement of major economic indicators in 2022, conveyed the spirit of the Rural Work Conference of the CPC Provincial Committee, and made arrangements for grain production in 2022;We listened to and deliberated matters such as the “three schools integrated” project, important adjustment of The newly-built Project of Voxi School, and the construction project of fever clinic in the city.The meeting stressed that must further implement the general secretary xi in the 19th session of the central commission for discipline inspection six session’s important speech spirit, the city government at all levels should insist on demonstration system take the lead, strengthening the system construction, to be strict on bat, cage QuanLiGuan into the system, to remove corruption at the source of soil, with zero tolerance attitude resolutely punishing the interests of the violation behavior,Adhere to the strict main tone of normal long-term.Meeting requirements, to further implement the provincial rural work conference spirit, according to the food production area “policy, stability, steady yield,” the general requirements, the implementation of the party and government with responsibility for food security, firmly hold to ensure national food security and stability of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” base, expansion of soybean and oil production, to ensure the stability of grain production in 550000, 2022 tons.The meeting required that the construction of “Three schools in one”, Voxi school and fever clinic should speed up the progress of construction, rationally adjust the construction plan, guarantee the source of funds, determine the bidding mode according to the law and regulations, speed up the progress of demolition and compensation, and ensure the smooth completion of the project construction.The meeting also studied and considered the “Zhenyang knitting Products (Dongguan) Co., LTD. Project investment contract” “Shenzhen Sorghum Red Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. settled in Qiyang High-tech Zone science and technology Industrial Park investment contract” “Qiyang City Zhongli Lanlin carbon neutralization collaborative demonstration zone project strategic cooperation framework agreement” and other matters.