Jilin to guangxia some of the penalties worth discussing

2022-09-10 0 By

Jilin or 84-93 loss dwellings, the result is as expected, both the team and the fans are acceptable, after all, jilin face opponents are strong teams in the playoffs this year, can create the miracle, eliminate shougang is now in the face of the poor can also play at the end of the already very not easy, but today some decisions or questionable!Jones, of course, the interference is no problem, Jones is in the basket touched the nets, so this protest is invalid, but the layup Jiang Yuxing 2 + 1 no call really hate not to be understood, that time the two teams played when it is anxious, if Jiang Yuxing 2 + 1, two teams gap will be narrowed, but the referee didn’t make a decision,Jones was called for a technical foul for being upset with the referee.In fact, I think sometimes the referee seems to feel that the strong team is impossible to have too many fouls, the strong team is due to win the weak team, with the support of this idea, many times the penalty will be biased to the strong team, obviously this is not right!