Is it really that complicated

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For wedding is not strange, married or not married, at least most have participated in other people’s wedding, like friends, classmates, bestie, colleagues’ wedding, generally participated in.To attend these people’s wedding, the feeling is very simple, especially now the wedding is very simple, there are wedding celebration company and hotel complete package, as long as the money is not over?Isn’t it simple? In theory, it is.Recently, a friend is preparing for his own wedding, one day received his phone, and I discussed a lot of problems, my theory is the same, said that now there are wedding companies, hotels, MC and what are ready, what is complicated, set the date, set the hotel, inform the personnel to attend.Unexpectedly, the friend took the topic to say, don’t turn your home office, the original individual also is the idea, turn your head, it is not the way it is, can not grasp the most simple things, such as invited guests, it is not only the basic problem, it is also important, the invitation is not invited not appropriate, shouldn’t have invited invited is not appropriate,How would you handle this question?The individual said without thinking, implement the principle of less should be reduced, can not invite the principle of not invited, less invited certainly not wrong.This is true, the other side is also recognized, but the operation is not so simple, in their own circle, what should be crossed out, what should not be crossed out, it is not easy to grasp.”It’s all a personal matter, what’s not to be sure? If you want to invite me, you can notify me. If you don’t want to invite me, you can’t notify me.”At this point, I humor 1, do not inform others, let them save money who will pick reason?Retort immediately, it is often appear problem, do not have words called “kiss and tell”, some people are so, inform him when he is not necessarily happy, also may say some other words, think of notification is wide and not inform him when he will choose, but also look down on people, and relationship does not reach the designated position, and errands or something, and so on, very embarrassed when I meet you.There is truth in all this, and not all of it.Personally, the wedding is a purely private affair, there is no need to connect with other things too much, or to have their own determination, the purpose to be pure, is happy, happy, happy, have a ceremony, must not have the opportunity to collect money, if there is such a purpose is meaningless.As the host, the most basic thing is to do their own wedding, can not shift troubles for others, the relationship in place, friendly feelings, do not notify each other will be in place, no one will pick what.On the contrary, the more notice the more trouble, notice is not notice is trouble, why?Finally, I joked that the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics has been implemented the concept of simplicity, the wedding is the same, but also to reflect the principle of simplicity, can be simple, should be simple, especially under the current situation of the epidemic has not been completely controlled, reduce large gatherings are also to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic, why speak of this pomp, let everyone follow the burden?The above is only a personal point of view, please correct any inappropriate.I hope I can help you and more people.Teachers and friends interested in this topic can pay attention to, can forward, can leave a message below, discuss, discuss and comment.Thank you very much!Note: the picture is from the Internet and has nothing to do with the article.