You may not have played any of these games, but they were the best action games of their time

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Hello, dear friends, I am your big T.Video game thousands of the world, “even if a player, it is impossible to play all over the world every game, every one of us will miss a lot of excellent works of literature and art, this period the three classic, and less popular action games, estimates that few people come into contact with, was the best works, then the following to introduce the three game for everyone.The first is Kung Fu Panda: released by Activision on May 27, 2008, it is a third-person fantasy action-adventure game in the same vein as the anime of the same name.The content, scenes, characters and plots are consistent with those in the animation. It feels good to play. The combat system is inclined to third-person action fighting, and some simple parkour elements are added to focus on the simple and fast-paced game experience.Game and some half open style of the world, in the completion of a goal, the player can choose to move on, can also continue to explore in specific areas, after the destruction of boxes and containers can get experience value, can be used to enhance the role of skills, in the common battle, can also get the same type of props, in order to enhance the experience of the game.Of fighting against feeling is not particularly strong, after all, it is a 2008 game, to now has 15 years of time, no matter how, is certainly not now the time time the new technology of the game, but “kung fu panda,” the game, in that year was the strongest, adopted by the physics engine and game design which is the most advanced,Unfortunately, there are very few people who have played this game. If you are interested, you can try it. Moreover, the configuration of the game is low and the picture quality is exquisite.The second game is “Saw” : “Saw” is also based on the movie of the same name, it was released by Konami on February 11, 2010, is a third person perspective horror genre, action adventure game, there are some survival gameplay.It is also similar to the content in the movie of the same name, but the characters, story and setting are all original, making the player experience like an independent game version of Saw.There is a high degree of restoration in it, the gameplay is very challenging, every step is very dangerous, every step may be caught in the trap of the enemy, from time to time there are also strange sounds, strange shadows.In other scenes, in order to survive, in order to get out alive, we have to obey the command of the controller behind us and fight each other. The protagonist in the game is completely the pawn of the controller behind us. It is also cruel to play, and we can feel the sense of despair in the original film and television.The doors in the game, as well as certain level scenarios, are also involved in cryptic puzzles, which can be very tedious, with the player going to multiple scenarios to collect clues and finally get the password.Although it is a 2010 game, now, its screen is acceptable to most players, play is also more immersion, coupled with its theme, and its original feelings, this game will be recognized by many players, but unfortunately, played this game is relatively few people.The third is The Matrix: it is also a science fiction, third-person action game based on the famous classic Hollywood film and television series, which was released around 2006.This work is basically the same as the film and television, including the story line, scene, time background, and even the characters are completely the same, the CG plot of the level is directly replaced by movie clips.The first part of the episode is basically a player-controlled movie, with scenes separated from the movie after escaping the building, but occasionally interspersed with movie clips.There are a lot of training chapters in the beginning, where the characters learn martial arts, fighting, gun shooting, etc., and then the formal chapters, where they experience a long story, a long story line.But the game’s picture is not particularly outstanding, after all is a game of 17 years ago, a lot of things is can’t keep up with times development, however, this is a great game of ontology and gun shooting action combat are separate, feel is very flexible, operation characters of the reduction in place, in the past the wartime, every last enemy, left there will be slow motion,Restore those effects inside the film and television.I also believe that many people have not played this game, so if you think the Matrix movie is not enough to enjoy, then try this game, it will definitely find the feeling of the past.If you have any other ideas, please feel free to share them in the comments section. I’m your big T, and if you want to know more, please stay tuned and keep updating next time.