“Vaccine” target epidemic prevention “side”

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Fuzhou Antai Street vaccination commandos, door-to-door mobilization of elderly people over 60 years old vaccination;Fuzhou hospital rushed “epidemic prevention package” help fight disease in elderly vaccination N sea journalists clayman Ting-ting hu wen/figure in the face of COVID – 19 outbreak, fuzhou antai street there is a vaccination team, they use holiday time to rest, resolutely put into epidemic prevention and control, through the “knocking” sink the community mobilization over 60 vaccination,And provide “one-stop” service.Medical staff of Fuzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine are working overtime to make “heart-warming epidemic prevention kits” to protect the health of quarantine points and frontline epidemic prevention workers.Every day to persuade nearly 100 old people to vaccinate “no, AH, I am old, legs and feet inconvenience, it is not so far away to vaccinate…”In the morning of April 6, an Tai Street In wuta community, an elderly man is leaning on crutches, the face of the vaccine is hard to look.”Old people you rest assured, the street has arranged in advance official car waiting downstairs, I will help you up and down the stairs, to ensure that you can smoothly vaccinate!”Beside the old man, a staff member wearing a red vest is carefully helping the old man down the stairs.He is antai street “vaccination commando” member Li Xiangan.In order to make the area of the elderly over 60 years old to receive all the people, the streets quickly set up a team of skilled personnel who are good at communicating with the masses and strong strain ability vaccination commandos.”On average, we persuade nearly 100 elderly people to get vaccinated every day.”Li Xiangan told reporters, “vaccination commandos take ‘sub-building, sub-unit, sub-group’ ‘face to face’ way into the household propaganda.The team went to the streets, went into the courtyard, knocked on the door, patiently explained the benefits of inoculation, to minimize the concerns of the elderly residents.”Near noon, in li Xiangan and other members of the joint persuasion, the old man finally agreed to go to the vaccination point vaccination.”Old people, please line up, take turns to complete the procedures and vaccinations.”There is a free vaccination spot in Zhonghuan Square, Antai Street. Volunteers are warmly welcoming the elderly residents who come to get vaccinated, helping them register for vaccination, patiently answering their questions, and accompanying them to chat and relax.”How many times were you vaccinated?Have you had a cold and fever recently?Have you taken anti-inflammatory medicine?”At registration, the elderly residents are asked detailed questions about their health and assessed for vaccination, while volunteers help them fill out forms to make sure they meet vaccination requirements.It is understood that in order to facilitate the area of the elderly vaccination, Antai street Uta community also because of the potential on the benefit of the “odd move”, will be cleaning car changed into a “love to take care of the car”, for the half-paralyzed elderly unblocked “green channel”.In addition, the “mobile vaccines” in Antai street also went to the community care center, so that more vaccines “run away” and less people “run away”.Up to now, the total coverage rate of the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine for people over 60 years old in the region has reached 90.5%.Fuzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine assisted epidemic prevention and control, deployment of Traditional Chinese medicine, verification, packaging…Fuzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine department, fragrance overflowing, medical staff are busy day and night.Li Dan, director of the Department of Medicine of The City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that entrusted by the Health Commission of Fuzhou city, since the outbreak, they have sent 20,580 doses of traditional Chinese medicine epidemic prevention and prevention prescriptions and more than 2,000 sachets to the centralized quarantined people and front-line epidemic prevention and control workers in all counties (cities) of the city, among which the utilization rate of traditional Chinese medicine in the centralized isolation point is 100%;Support related units of more than 15,000 doses of Chinese medicine epidemic prevention;The prevention and control of the epidemic can be facilitated scientifically through the intervention of Traditional Chinese medicine.”The TCM preventive formula is mainly composed of Astragalus membranaceus, Atractylodes atractylodes, radix isatidis, forsythia and other Traditional Chinese medicines, which can not only nourish and dispel evil, clear heat and detoxify, but also effectively improve human immunity.”Li Dan introduced that the city hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine according to the characteristics of the current epidemic situation, research and development of relevant traditional Chinese medicine prevention programs, including anti-epidemic detoxification soup, tonifying qi soup, tea, traditional Chinese medicine sachets, external detoxification fumigate, traditional Chinese medicine foot massage, acupoint massage, diet and so on.The next step will be to give full play to the unique advantages of TCM in preventing disease and contribute to epidemic prevention and control.