The person mixes to what level, just can have lu Xiaoman so sad mood?Now I really understand

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Lu Xiaoman had such a sad quotation, once I do not love to see, do not love to read, now read again, also have resonance.It can be seen that people really have to go to that step, will have such a sad mood.Lu Xiaoman said: I hate this world, I hate the sky, I hate the ground, I hate everything.Understand lu Xiaoman’s life, I believe a lot of people also know why she hate so?She hate, nothing more than hate Xu Zhimo’s departure, she hate, nothing more than hate the world can not find a can understand, can continue to love her.And what she hated more, perhaps, was that she had lived to see when it was too late.She has always been the existence of the princess, in the family since childhood, after marriage, also, including her ex-husband in her life, every day is also extravagant life, how happy how to live, money is feeling endless.But money can’t buy loneliness.She and Xu Zhimo together, it can be said that no one supports, both parents are opposed, relatives and friends are difficult to understand.But two people resolutely hand in hand to the feudal society of arranged marriage took the first shot, to divorce, to be with the beloved, this in those days, is a lot of courage.With Xu Zhimo together, she still lived a princess, Xu Zhimo did not have any complaints, busy east busy west, until death.She may hate themselves not alone do not know material oil salt rice expensive, do not know Xu Zhimo is not easy to make money.Xu Zhimo left, she became the culprit of the people, the world spurned.How strong is the need to see the heart, to be strong to live?Blame her most people, nothing more than blame her lavish spending, do not know love xu Zhimo is not easy to make money, hold multiple positions.And she can’t say that she doesn’t love Xu Zhimo, she can say that she loves more than anyone, but the way of love, many people don’t understand it.When Xu Zhimo left, no one understood her, her life fell to rock bottom, she hated everything in the world.People’s life, many people have to go to the lowest point of life, this time, perhaps there is lu Xiaoman such mood, feeling abandoned by the whole world, hate this, hate that, hate heaven and earth, hate themselves, everything hate.And ultimately the most hated or their own.I feel the same way, just recently.I hate myself for living too late, and I hate myself for living too comfortably at a young age. I don’t know how to struggle and miss a lot of beauty.Also like Lu Xiaoman lived to the point of not being understood, afraid to see relatives and friends, dare not see anyone, even parents are afraid to meet, hiding in the rental house, with dogs.A person the most desolate, the most desolate strong scene, I’m afraid that is so, hiding in a person’s corner, feel that the New Year has nothing to do with yourself, the mobile phone can be closed, micro channel can not ascend, no one will care about yourself, no one will think of yourself, to the point of non-essential, as if the air is general.Where can a man hide?Only hiding in the words, in the words to find some comfort.But sometimes compared with Lu Xiaoman, Maybe Lu Xiaoman’s life is more painful.After all, she lost the love of her life.I, on the other hand, was just emotionally frustrated.I think I can quickly walk out from the shadow, and feel as long as the pen, stop, that kind of emotional frustration will no longer think, enrich to write tired to sleep, as time passes, those of those, but also became the Great Wall of words, as if also has nothing to do with me, neither painful nor itching.Words really have this healing power, writing down the bad, the unhappy, it’s like settling an old score.But some old accounts need to be repeatedly written, repeatedly remembered, repeatedly understood, to the end there is no such feeling, everything becomes blurred with time, it is really forgotten.And what I write today, I will rarely turn over later, because I write every day, rarely turn over the past words.Perhaps the memory is too heavy, do not want to cause some discomfort, try to avoid it.The person mixes to what level, just can have lu Xiaoman so sad mood?Now I really understand!