The overall grain security situation in Yunnan is improving, with a solid foundation for ensuring supply and price stability

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Well recently, this article from: kunming provincial food and reserve bureau issued “in yunnan province in March 2022, the change of the grain and oil prices bulletin, according to the provincial food and reserve bureau on March 31, March 1 solstice 70 straight grain and oil price quote for the spot monitoring data analysis shows that our province grain and oil inventory is enough, the market supply is normal, general price stability.Province grain and reserve bureau relevant controller introduces, in recent years, our province to seriously implement the national food security strategy, adhere to “ensure grain self-sufficiency, rations absolute security” of the new food security concept, structural reforms to boost agricultural supply side, the full implementation of party and government with responsibility for food security requirements, has achieved remarkable achievement, the provincial food safety overall situation is good,Solid foundation for ensuring supply and stable prices.New crown early outbreak, the provincial food and reserve bureau on time for the grain and oil market supply emergency disposal work plan, a grain and oil for stabilizing the city “eight measures”, “4 + 4 cover for” mechanism, organization revise “the food of yunnan province emergency plan, etc., in recent years, our province has not been around grain and oil supply is insufficient, food shortages, and so on and so forth.Since the institutional reform, the provincial food and reserve system has earnestly implemented the national and provincial arrangements and deployment on reforming and improving systems and mechanisms to strengthen the safety management of food reserves, and actively promoted the implementation of key tasks.The complex situation in grain and oil market, and constantly strengthen the monitoring and early warning, grain and oil market using the province supermarket, key enterprises, wholesale market, farmers market, such as 70 price monitoring, real-time grasp the grain and oil price information, form the price monitoring weekly report monthly bulletin released to the public, or the circumstances of the price change reasonable guide market expectations.In the peak season of grain purchase, the provincial bureau of Food and Strategic Reserves carries out the mechanism of five daily reports on the progress of purchase and pays close attention to the situation of grain purchase in the whole province.Accurate pulse of the market, abnormal conditions early detection, early judgment, early disposal.In the past two years, to strengthen grain market regulation and effectively increase grain market supply, a total of 630,000 tons of provincial-level grain reserves have been rotated.Of increasing market patrolling, province, city, district three joint XunZhaZu to regular inspections of grain and oil sales market in kunming urban area, combined with the daily monitoring data, in-depth analysis of the grain and oil market change situation, forming the situation analysis of food security in yunnan, the province’s grain and oil supply and demand situation, the grain circulation situation and other information.Since the implementation of high-quality food engineering, the total “China grain and oil” in our province yunnan action plan, food quality control system and food postpartum service system construction of three children, a total of 240 projects, an average of 2 to 3% lower grain farmers postpartum loss and food quality control system to realize a complete coverage of 129 counties (city, area), to increase quality grain of more than 150 ten thousand tons,It promoted farmers’ income to increase by more than 2 billion yuan, greatly improved the overall equipment level of Yunnan’s grain industry and the market competitiveness of high-quality grain and oil products.Under the influence of high grain yields and high prices, China has implemented large-scale, standardized and brand-oriented development to promote both increased grain production and improved grain quality, and reduced grain cost and increased grain income, which has played an important role in mobilizing the enthusiasm of farmers to grow grain and local governments to control grain production.At present, the provincial characteristic grain and oil products such as Babao Gong rice, Zhufanggong rice, Rice Terraces Red rice, Mojiang Purple rice, Wolong Valley sweet soft rice, Menghai sweet rice, Dianxue rapeseed oil are becoming more and more popular among consumers.Based on the reality of tight grain balance in our province and the situation of grain purchase and dispatching in the whole province, the provincial Bureau of Food and Strategic Reserves has actively strengthened the contact and communication with the main grain-producing provinces and regions in northeast China, built a platform for the grain enterprises in the province, especially leading enterprises and large state-owned enterprises, and organized the transfer of finished grain from outside the province.In 2021, 6.36 million tons of grain will be imported from outside the province, up 13.98% year on year.