The 43rd anniversary of the war of Self-defence against Vietnam!The monitor died in a hard battle, brother tearfully picked up his brother’s gun

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Eating dumplings on the first day of every year, there is always a feeling of rolling, there is always a special taste, there is always a lingering melancholy, swallowing also with a smell of smoke.The ans class dumplings boiled into a pot of porridge, the ans class recruits is the first time in the army over the Spring Festival, even a meal of dumplings did not eat, immediately to the battlefield, I this monitor heart very uncomfortable!”I said: “7 monitor, don’t worry, you first stabilize everyone’s mood, I will try to find a way to find the company and then point face and stuffing.”I found Ye Xiangui deputy company commander, together to the cooking squad.By this time, the line of dumplings stuffing had already been distributed.I also find 8 monitor Wang Chengxiang (martyrs, Hanchuan, Hubei, memorial grade three merit) and 9 monitor Yang Fuzhao (seriously injured, after the war, standing grade one merit) said this thing, let him two classes evenly a little dumplings to class 7.Two squad leaders say: “rest assured platoon leader, no problem!”After I told xiang Yongwen, our squad leader, he said, “Platoon leader, in our hometown, dumplings are very particular about eating during the Spring Festival. In our class, dumplings boiled into paste. I am very entangled in this matter, the omen is not good.I said: “Yongwen, don’t think too much, dumplings are individual, now cooked into a paste, this symbol of our class 7 close, more unity!More fighting power!”When xiang Yongwen returned to work, he told his comrades that today was the Spring Festival. According to the rules of the army, the old soldiers should eat first, and the new soldiers should eat later.Then he took the lead in filling a bowl of paste, and several of the old soldiers also filled a bowl and began to eat.At this time class 7 three recruits is very grievance, carrying empty rice bowl, tears flashing in the eyes.In a short while, 8 monitor and 9 monitor carrying hot dumplings to support class 7.To yongwen let the recruits eat dumplings sent.Only then did the three recruits suddenly understand why the squad leader let the veteran eat the real intention, each bowl dumplings to the squad leader and the veteran bowl, the scene is moving.A few days after the Spring Festival, our troops moved towards the border.After the battle against Guo Man, our company continued to advance to 650 heights, and I led 3 platoons to serve as a knife platoon.Rong Guiqing, the staff officer of the regiment training unit, followed my platoon with a map to identify the direction.The next day on the eve of the battle of kun Son, the company held a branch committee after the platoon held a party group meeting for mobilization.I let soldiers who were not party members sit in on the group meetings.The party leader to yong wen with deep and deep feeling of tone to the platoon comrade said: “after leaving the country, my platoon non-party comrades to the party group submitted the application to join the party, I did not accept, the performance in the battle is your application to join the party, I am the party leader, as long as I die, I am your introduction to the party!”The night was drizzling. It was hot and humid during the day, but it was very cold at night.Xiang Yongwen, Wang Xiangyun (battalion correspondent), and I hugged each other in our raincoats and crept into the weeds and thorns to keep warm.We talked all night and made wills.Xiang Yongwen said to me, “Platoon leader, tomorrow is a tough battle. If I die, please do me a favor.There are five brothers in my family. I am the eldest. My family is very poor.At 3:20 p.m. the next day, our company, supported by ten minutes of gunfire from the 54th Army Artillery Regiment, charged toward the top of Kunzi Mountain.The more north area kun zi mountain even attack, we even played a model.After the war, the Academy of Military Sciences and all army academies took our 7 Company kunzi battles as teaching materials for the offensive tactics of mountain company.Features are: one is for a lot of arms support, I am even attached to a battalion machine gun company, artillery company, regiment 82 gun company, military artillery regiment ten minutes artillery support (kun son coordinates are 3 gun repeatedly long and Shao Xian and Rong Guiqing staff to determine, very accurate);Second, the company held a branch committee on the eve of the battle, and each platoon held a party group meeting to mobilize for battle.Three is when the artillery fire began to attack the company commander Chen Xiaocheng gave the platoon an oral battle order;Fourth, the charge bugle was blown when the company launched the charge;Five is a fortified company attack to kill an enemy a fortified company (kun son battle killed 123 enemy);Sixth, the troops continued to march and fight, lacking water and food (the water and food we took with us supported the wounded of the 482nd regiment when we rushed to the top of Guo Man Mountain the day before). The 7th squad leader, Yongwen, sacrificed himself with an unchewed cassava in his mouth.Seventh, the enemy’s situation was unknown and the enemy’s fortifications were complex, with caves, ditches and trenches.We were away from the big forces, and it was a miracle to achieve this!After the war, I won the collective second-class merit!The 3 platoon I led won the collective First-class merit!Class 7 won the collective First-class merit!During the battle review, I reported to company commander Chen Xiaocheng that YONGwen was required to live, and later his younger brother Xiang Yongwu joined our 481st regiment.The regiment held a general meeting of all the commanders and fighters and held a ceremony to give a gun to his brother. (I have been using his submachine gun since the sacrifice of Xiang Yongwen. The butt of the gun is engraved with three characters of Xiang Yongwen.)Xiang Yongwu was divided into 7 classes of our company, completing his brother’s long-cherished wish!Class 7 suffered heavy casualties in the battle of Kunzi.Monitor sacrifice, vice monitor take command;Vice squad leader sacrifice, combat team leader to take command;The gunners were seriously wounded…Class 7 was like a nail between the enemy on the hill and the enemy in the village.They use the ridge of fields as a support for concealed fortifications, cut off the contact between the two enemies, beat back the village enemy command for the support of the mountain of the enemy 4 times impact, the enemy left 21 bodies, for the victory of the entire battle to make a significant contribution.This is 1979 Spring Festival company to eat dumplings caused by the thoughts: class 7 dumplings eat out of unity, eat out of combat!Once upon a Battlefield: The Mark of dumplings