Story of Wang Yiwen in Old Echeng: Peking Opera friends in Ezhou “hit the headlines” and lit up the cultural name card

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Ezhou Friends of Peking Opera Association was established in November 1995, now there are 50 members, including retired cadres who have held municipal and bureau level leadership positions, as well as a group of middle-aged and young cadres and workers who are active in the stage of Ezhou Peking Opera.It has fixed activity places, which can not only entertain itself, but also hold large-scale special Peking Opera concerts. It also participates in the exchange of Peking Opera box office in surrounding cities, and often sends operas to factories, villages, organs and schools.And undertook the municipal Party committee, municipal government, municipal Propaganda department to arrange special theatrical performances, for foreign guests, troops and people’s Congress special Peking Opera performances, many times by the relevant units of recognition.In 2002, during the Golden Week of May Day, the association successfully organized the Activity of Peking Opera friends in Ezhou, Hubei province, along the Yangtze River (passing through Huangshi, Wuxue, Jiujiang, Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, until Mei Lanfang Guduo — Taizhou), which was well received everywhere.Taizhou TV station, Zhenjiang Daily, Peking Opera tickets bound newspaper, Ezhou daily are reported.In April 2004, Lt. Gen. Dong Liangju, former general office of the Central Military Commission, visited Ezhou, and the sodality gave a special performance of Peking Opera for the guests.In May 2005, The former deputy commander of Wuhan Military Region Kong Qingde came to Ezhou, sodality held a Peking Opera concert for him in Wuchang Building of Xishan, which was praised by Kong and his entourage.In October 2005, the first “golden autumn Peking Opera Festival in Ezhou, Hubei province” was held by the Sorority.More than 200 people from home and abroad attended the event, and Feng Xuan, a Chinese American, came to Ezhou from the other side of the ocean to perform.The festival was held over four days with seven sold-out performances.CCTV followed the interview for four consecutive days and broadcast it eight times in four days from November 25 to 28.Taiwan Hong Bao and Peking Opera Newspaper published the full text of the whole event and the grand performance, which aroused great response at home and abroad.In September 2006, dai Juntai, vice president of sodality, led the “Mainland Peking Opera Friends’ Taiwan Trip” to Kaohsiung and Taipei via Shenzhen for cultural exchange, which strengthened the relations between people across the Taiwan Straits.It has contributed to the cultural exchanges across the Taiwan Straits.In 2013, the Hubei Opera Fans’ Ticketing Contest kicked off. Yu Qiuping, an outstanding ticketing friend, was selected by the sodality to participate in the competition. She stood out and won the second prize and ranked third in the fierce competition among 30 literary and artistic elites of six major operas in Hubei Province.In 2014, sodsorority members Yu Qiuping and Pan Sanmei won the top ten tickets in Hubei Division of the 12th “Peace Cup” Chinese Peking Opera Ticket Friends Invitational Competition (gold medal).In 2015, Yu Qiuping, a member of sodality, was invited to participate in the recording of CCTV’s “Smash hit” program.In 2015, the soDality successfully held the second Golden Autumn Peking Opera Festival in Ezhou, Hubei, which was highly praised and affirmed by more than 300 audiences at home and abroad. All the representatives at the meeting praised ezhou people for their love of opera, understanding of opera, politeness, enthusiasm and profound traditional culture, which received great response at home and abroad.In 2016, the sorority participated in the provincial opera fans ticketing contest, and Dai Juntai, Zhang Chao, Guan Ping and Pan Sanmei won the title of provincial top ten ticketing friends.Ezhou won two of the ten gold MEDALS, ranking first in the whole province.In 2017, the Global Peking Opera Ticket Contest of Chinese Opera Culture Week held by the Ministry of Culture and The Beijing Municipal People’s Government.The Sodality carefully planned and rehearsed, launched three contestants and three plays to compete, and achieved excellent results:Member Guan Ping entered the final eight with a total score of 98.4, ranking the second, qingyi group ranked the first) went to Beijing to participate in the final and won the award of excellence. Yu Qiuping ranked the 10th among 200 contestants with a total score of 96.99 (ranked the first in The Group of Huadan) and won the award of excellence in the Central China division of the 2017 Chinese Opera Culture Week Global Peking Opera Weekly Contest.Pan Sanmei won the award of excellence in south China of the global Peking Opera Contest of 2017 Chinese Opera Culture Week.In 2018, Yu Qiuping of sodality was once again invited by the Sensational Program group of CCTV to participate in the recording and broadcast on schedule.Pan Sanmei won the south China Contest of the second Chinese Opera Culture Week 2018 with outstanding results.On November 19, 2019, selected and arranged by Hubei Provincial Group Art Museum, the five outstanding ticket friends guan Ping, Zhang Chao, Dai Juntai, Yu Yimin and Guan Fei of the sodding Party worked together to carefully polished the classic traditional old opera and went to The Palace for the second time to participate in the excellent Hubei box office performance celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, which received unanimous praise.Excellent ticketing fan Yu Qiuping’s well-rehearsed kan-Yuchuan, a famous opera of the Gou School, was selected and tuned by China Central Television (CCTV) and aired in prime time on CCTV channel 11 on March 22, 2019, to great acclaim.Over the past 20 years, 15 members of the sodality have won awards in various competitions: Zhou Shuqing, the vice president of the sodality, was selected and transferred by CCTV to participate in the CCTV opera fan Club’s pear Arena competition and won the award of excellence, and was the first person in Hubei ticket industry to win the CCTV Pear Arena competition award.Pan Sanmei, vice president of sodality, won the top ten tickets of Ezhou city in the first Elderly Opera Competition, the double top ten tickets of Hubei Division of the ninth Peace Cup Chinese Peking Opera Ticket Friends Invitational Competition, and entered the semi-finals of the fourth National Opera Fans Ticket Friends Competition with excellent results.Yu Qiuping, member of sodality, was awarded the top Ten ticketing friends of Hubei province (Gold award) and the excellence award of the 8th “Peace Cup” Chinese Peking Opera Ticketing Friends Competition.Excellent Performance Award of China TV Gopai Opera Fans Challenge, bronze Award of the 4th National Opera Fans Ticketing Contest.In 2005, ezhou Friends of Peking Opera Sodality was awarded the honorable title of “National Advanced Friends of Peking Opera Society” by The Chinese Traditional Culture Promotion Association of the Ministry of Culture for its contribution to revitalizing Peking Opera, promoting national culture, activating cultural life of the masses and building a harmonious society for many years.Vice president Dai Juntai was awarded the meritorious Award for promoting Peking Opera. In 2007, he was awarded the honorable title of “Provincial Advanced Ticketing Club” by the provincial Department of Culture.On October 16, 2021, good news came from the organizing committee of the 44th “Summer of Wuhan” Opera Talent Show: the crew of modern Peking Opera “Red Detachment of Women” created by The Friends of Peking Opera Association of Ezhou city won the final of the 44th “Summer of Wuhan” Opera Talent show, shaking the river city.The crew of “Red Detachment of Women” ranked second regardless of genre, and first according to genre of “Peking Opera”, and won the best Talent award.The author of this article is Wang Yiwen, 77 years old, a member of Hubei Three Kingdoms Culture Research Association, a member of Ezhou Folk Writers and artists Association, a researcher of Ezhou Wudu Culture Research Institute and other members of many literary and art societies.Wang Yiwen has long been engaged in regional culture, folk culture, cultural history and culture research.In 2021, wang yiwen was awarded the honorary title of “Folk Literature and Art Watchman” by Ezhou Folk Literature and Art Association. He has participated in the editing of “Yanglan Lake Annals”, “Place Names of Echeng District”, “Wushan, Chushui, Echeng City”, “Ezhou Library Annals”, and “Ezhou Surnames Culture Special Journal”.His works have won the permanent archive of Ezhou dialect and the first prize of the essay contest for the 70th anniversary of the Anti-Japanese War in Ezhou.His works are collected in “Three Kingdoms Culture Research Essays”, “Guanyin Pavilion”, “Xishan In search of Plum”, “Ba Wu 塆”, “Wonderful Ezhou” and other books and periodicals.