Shantou net red card attractions

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Shantou, located in the southern end of The Han River Delta, with a total area of 2199 square kilometers, is an important port city in the southeast coast of China, an important gateway on the Maritime Silk Road, an open port city in the coastal area of China, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, and an excellent tourist city in China.So, shantou net red card attractions have what?Shantou net red card attractions are: Dan homeland, Shantou Lion City, Shantou old block, infinity pool, lion City photography base and so on.Dan homeland, is a niche network red card point, located in north Taishan Road.Shantou it is the northernmost village, across the river is chaozhou Anbu town, meixi river bridge in guang-Mei-Shantou railway, from time to time there will be a train to shantou station after.Green trains, high-speed trains and bullet trains can meet each other in about 30 minutes on average.With green rail tracks, tarmac roads and Overflowing Japanese saturation, it’s easy to take a picture of kamakura, which is perfect for punching in.Shantou Lion city, is a net red card holy land, is a fun experience hall, is also a good place to slip baby, there are more rides, happy to wanton hi.There are also a lot of online celebrity punch points, such as: photography base, polar ice and snow world, online celebrity waterfall, children’s paradise and so on.Shantou old block is not only the landmark buildings in Shantou, but also the place where overseas Chinese return to seek their roots.Most of the buildings here are Western arcade buildings, the style is more ancient Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and so on.The arcade of shelter from rain, old shop of row after row, slightly show complex street to wait to reveal shantou old city unique historical amorous feelings.Shantou was once the most prosperous commercial center, strolling among them, shantou General Post Office building, old Mama palace and other historical buildings still retain their original style.Infinity Pool, in South Australia, here not only has 270 degree invincible sea view, there is a fairyland infinity pool.The infinity swimming pool and the beautiful scenery are like the mirror of the sky, super beautiful, when taking photos, how to make the modeling is very beautiful.If you don’t want to do anything here, it’s very comfortable to sit and watch the sunset.Photography base, located in the Lion City, where the perfect restoration of various classic movie scenes, you can freely switch more than 100 scenes, here to take a group of beautiful photos, put on the social circle, will become the focus.There are hundreds of beautiful fantasy scenes, such as playing on a merry-go-round back to childhood, enjoying the cherry blossom rain while hugging each other under a tree, and walking in the snow field outside a wooden house.