Review of public employment service in Dongying city in 2021

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Qilu evening News · Qilu one point reporter Cui Lihui correspondent Gao Jun time value “fourteen five” the beginning of the year, sonorous step, more remarkable.Open the employment report card in 2021, feelings for paper, sincerely for ink, rafters pen Sheng Li, a warm chapter of the people’s livelihood.– The registered urban unemployment rate was 1.86 percent.A total of 38,600 urban jobs were created, 117.12 percent of the year’s target.– 2,840 people having difficulty finding jobs were employed, 189.3 percent of the year’s target;Zero urban households with zero employment have been dynamically eliminated.– Organizing subsidized vocational skills training for 89,900 people (including 31,700 workers), 277.6 percent of the annual training target.– 19.2602 million yuan was returned to 4,336 enterprises to stabilize employment, and 167,200 jobs were created, an increase of 61 percent over the previous year.This year, in the correct leadership of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government and city people club bureau of the party group, under the support of the city’s public employment services agencies at all levels based on duty, with high quality development for, in order to ensure and improve people’s livelihood as own duty, in order to improve the people’s feeling and happiness for the purpose, always adhere to the “based on people as the center, seeks happiness for the people,” the purpose of the concept,Grasp the important matter, attack difficult, do practical work, the wind of innovation, reform frequently, “index question” more and better answer, “bridge of the hearts of the people” more and more connected, the employment of talent service work has made considerable development.The employment service “fixed star” strengthens the people’s livelihood more and more, starts with the important task of ensuring stable employment and ensuring employment.”Six stability and six protection”, first and foremost.Dongying city closely around this main line, focus on improving the service system, improve service quality and efficiency, to provide high-quality and efficient public employment and talent services for the city’s social and economic development.For enterprises, industries, key groups to send policies, send jobs, send skills, send services, play to reduce the burden of stable posts, expand employment to ensure the livelihood of the “combination of”.Go all out to strengthen enterprise employment security.By focusing on the labor demand of enterprises, building platforms, strengthening services and promoting matching, the problem of labor shortage in the industry has been effectively alleviated.Continued to promote the precise docking of enterprise employment, and realized the precise docking of “one enterprise and one specialist” with the “four above” enterprises in the city. Established the enterprise employment service center, and helped solve the employment of 23,600 people in total.In the province’s first “about accelerating enterprise employee’s opinions on environment construction, highlight the main body role of enterprises, plays a decisive role, to carry out the campus security, strengthening service function, lasts from supply and demand at both ends, build good employment environment, has been clear about the solution to the current employment difficult problem, further optimize enterprise labor protection method, path and goals,For the province’s employment expansion to improve the quality of incremental exploration of the first experience.We will intensify efforts to increase employment for key groups.Targeted at key groups such as college graduates, rural labor force and the unemployed, we will provide regular and efficient services to promote full employment and higher quality employment and meet the employment needs of enterprises.There were 85 recruitment activities such as “Dongying Students’ Hometown Trip”, “Recruitment Month of Private Enterprises”, “Through Train for Famous universities and Enterprises”, “Through train for famous universities and talents”, and 4,326 enterprises released job information 86,000 times in total.A total of 316 new public welfare jobs were created, and 20.4416 million yuan of subsidies were provided for these jobs.At the same time, the company consolidated and expanded the results of poverty alleviation and comprehensively promoted the rural revitalization strategy, committed to building the east-West labor cooperation brand, and developed a deep relationship with Youyang County in Chongqing on employment assistance.We will do everything possible to create more space for flexible employment.In the name of the municipal government, it has issued the implementation opinions on supporting flexible employment through multiple channels and self-employment, and five flexible employment bases have been built and put into use in the city.Re-employment service stations for the unemployed at both the city and county levels have been set up to provide personalized employment assistance services, providing “12333” policy matching, career guidance, job recommendation, and skill training to the registered unemployed, so that every registered unemployed person can enjoy employment and entrepreneurship services.Intensify the building of entrepreneurial support, “supermarket” entrepreneurial innovation, collecting 483 entrepreneurial projects set up a project characteristic industry and optimize the selection of 114 mentors to form a business mentor library, develop their entrepreneurial talent home business loan guarantees detailed rules for the implementation, for a small business loan application lines from 200000 yuan to 300000 yuan loan, further stimulated the entrepreneurial energy.We will comprehensively expand channels for upgrading vocational skills.Focusing on the construction of industrial skilled personnel, the training of talents for rural revitalization, and the new forms and new skills of industries, relying on the bohai Craftsman College, it innovates training models such as “co-education by government and enterprises”, “academic classes” and “joint training by industries”, and combines conventional vocational training with characteristic “project-based” training, and skill training with entrepreneurial training.New breakthroughs will be made in skills training for workers, the elderly unemployed, enterprise safety skills, school canteen employees, and e-commerce live streaming for rural revitalization, which will drive the development of relevant industries and increase the employment and income of more people, and make them rich by starting businesses.Social security is a “safety net” for people’s livelihood, and unemployment protection is a “shock absorber” and “ballast stone” for maintaining social stability.Dongying actively promotes the reform of unemployment insurance management process, improves the system, the foundation of insurance participants is more stable, the level of treatment has been steadily improved, to ensure that all unemployment insurance benefits are paid on time and in full, firmly protect the bottom line of people’s happiness.We will ensure that policies that benefit enterprises and the people are fully implemented.First, we will expand the coverage of unemployment insurance benefits.The 60-day application period for eligible applicants for unemployment insurance will be completely abolished, and unemployment insurance benefits will continue to be paid to the statutory retirement age for unemployed people who have received unemployment insurance benefits but are still unemployed and less than one year from statutory retirement.Second, we will raise unemployment insurance benefits.Starting from October 2021, the monthly unemployment insurance premium will be adjusted from 1,719 yuan to 1,890 yuan.Third, we introduced standards for the payment of unemployment subsidies.Unemployment subsidies will be divided into three levels based on the number of years of insurance contributions, so as to achieve precise payment.In total, 37,800 people were paid 66.646,000 yuan in unemployment insurance, 121,900 people were paid 42.4582 million yuan in unemployment subsidies, and 37,400 people were paid 11,920 million yuan in medical insurance premiums.We will develop new mechanisms, improve the quality and efficiency of services, and comprehensively and thoroughly implement policies to help enterprises stabilize and solve difficulties.First, we will actively implement the service model of “finding people through policies and providing enterprises with policies”, provide targeted unemployment insurance benefits and skill upgrading subsidies to service recipients, and implement policies for enterprises to stabilize employment and return jobs.Through the data analysis and comparison of the human-society integration system, the eligible service objects were screened, and the social Security card SMS intelligent push system was used to accurately push business information. The technical skill improvement subsidy of 81,779 million yuan was issued to 50,100 people.The second is to innovate the implementation of the service model of “no claim, do”, actively push business information to the eligible employers, effectively solve the problem of “who knows, who declare, who enjoy” in the process of enterprises enjoying subsidies, with “real money and silver” to help enterprises tide over difficulties.Third, vigorously carry out “specialist services” and the city’s general operation, for the city’s 1890 “four enterprises” and major projects, take the initiative to connect with, to keep up with the service.The name, standard, process and position of all unemployment insurance services are unified in the whole city. The halls of human and social organizations in all counties and districts (development zones) can handle unemployment insurance business in the whole city. Unemployment insurance insurance, unemployment subsidy, technical skill subsidy, stable post return and other businesses are handled online.The ginseng that accords with the condition protects an unit and handle affairs masses pass the network at any time and place, “zero runs an errand” deal with business.Talent training “magnetic field” is growing, talent is the primary resource.The way to “strengthen the city with talents” lies in opening up a wide range of talents and gathering them together.Dongying city talent introduction to implement practical, long-term development work, in accordance with the “project to attract talent, industry gathering talents, talents and promote the project, improve industry” with the talent, focus on the introduction of adaptive advantage leading industries in the city development needs of all kinds of key talent, lead to dongying talents gather Ann left rich fertile soil,Stimulate the Yellow River basin ecological protection and high-quality development of the mighty force.Jin Wu habitat feng, universal heart.Dongying carried out the special action of “Just Get together in Dongying · Serve Overseas Students to Find jobs and start businesses” in an all-round way, built a “Service platform for Overseas Students to find jobs and start businesses”, introduced 114 overseas students to the city every year, and helped overseas returnees to start businesses and set sail.The reform of “high-level talent service is one thing” has been implemented, and 352 high-level talents have been issued with dongying Excellent Talent Card, and service specialists have been assigned. The wechat service platform of dongying Excellent Talent Card has been developed, and 24 services including entry and exit, work permit and household registration management have been provided for high-level talents.A special program to introduce dongying college students was implemented, attracting 18,200 college graduates or above.Develop “talent service online” system, provide online services for all kinds of talents, through the integration of employment, social security, information network, housing, natural resources and other data, all kinds of talents only need to provide name, ID card, contact information, the system automatically check subsidies, and put into all kinds of talents social security card financial accounts.To implement the “take-over service” of overseas study files, 813 personnel files of high school graduates studying abroad were received, effectively solving the problems of “nowhere to save” and “no file to adjust” after employment and entrepreneurship in Dongying city.Release “evaluation right” and activate “changshuihe”.Dongying city pilot project to promote the determination of the chemical industry professional skill level, and put the evaluation autonomy fully to the enterprise, as long as growth pattern conforms to the industrial workers, within the framework of the system, by the enterprise according to the actual situation to choose its own use, so as to help enterprises to improve independent skilled personnel training, evaluation, use, incentive mechanism, clear skill talented person growth channel,To meet the needs of enterprises for skilled personnel, truly realize the skilled personnel “how to do, the enterprise has the final say”.At the same time, enterprises are guided to link the results of independent evaluation with the salary and treatment, ensure that the treatment is realized in time, stimulate the enthusiasm of skilled talents, and realize the “transition” from vocational qualification evaluation to socialized vocational skill level identification.A total of 207 enterprises in The city have been put on record for independent evaluation, completing 207% of the annual target tasks, and 11,964 people have been evaluated for skills, completing 199.4% of the annual target tasks.In terms of special ability assessment, 38 special vocational ability examination centers were selected for the record, 13 new special ability projects were submitted, and 9,585 people, 191.7% of the annual target, were assessed.At present, the world economic situation is treacherous, the recovery of the global economy is difficult and tortuous, various deep-seated problems are intertwined, and the employment situation in China is affected by a variety of factors, making it even more intertwined.How to fully estimate the complexity and severity of the employment situation, how to fully grasp the changes and trends of the employment situation, and how to take the initiative to deal with the risks and challenges of employment has become a hard subject in front of dongying employment people.We are responsible and responsible for the people’s livelihood.Dongying regards employment as the top priority in ensuring people’s livelihood, and vigorously implements the policy of giving priority to employment, keeping the basic situation of employment stable, and keeping the overall employment situation stable and improving.Facing all kinds of new tasks and challenges, the city’s frontline cadres and staff always adhere to the people first, keep the “responsible field”, sow the “timely rain”, serve the overall situation of the city’s work, and make the vision of people’s livelihood into a happy reality with love and heart.Talent at all levels of public employment service agencies to carry out party history study education as an opportunity to coagulation hearts meet force does the practical work for the masses, concentrate on promoting to solve the difficulties in high attention enterprise and the masses, to undertake the provincial 20 key livelihood of the people the practical work, the city government work report key work matters, and promote the development of economic integration, the provincial capital, such as items are accomplished on schedule,The “urgent and anxious” demand problem involving employment was resolved in a timely manner.