Revelation: How to live longer in investment?

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A ningde era diving again, from the highest 692 yuan, continued to fall below 600 yuan, this time is broken down 500 yuan.– Will it hit bottom in the short term?The current share price is close to the annual line, there is technical support.But that’s not what we’re talking about here.Take this ningde era drop, we want to discuss more: the cruelty of the investment world.Call your era when it rises, call your body bag when it falls!This time, it is said that lujiazui noon news, there are large institutions special account redemption of Gulen, it is said that 40 billion, mainly in selling new energy, scenery, the reason is that they engaged in a lot of king ning, and gulen several industry funds bought 70% of the new energy.According to the 5 funds managed by December 31, 2021, only the following 3 funds are “all industry funds”, which are:– CEIBS ALPHA A reported scale of 12.8 billion YUAN;– Selected research of China and Europe A Quarterly scale of 3.3 billion YUAN;That is to say — even if institutional investors redeem all shares in the three funds at one time, it is not more than 1 billion yuan, but these are still not the focus of Lao Yu’s exchange.Second, what we really want to discuss is that the bright new energy in 2021, the new energy track which integrates beauty and talent, is also general with the theme: — How fierce is the rise, how fierce is the fall, so is the trend logic, so is the new energy.Needless to say, the hot money logic is like this, the epidemic line is like this, carbon neutrality is like this, medical beauty is like this, the meta-universe is like this.Today, the hot digital economy and big infrastructure will be the same.– Please don’t tell me, the trend is steady, hot money is unstable, we are all a pair of face.But it’s all about growth, and it’s called value investing, growth investing, hot money investing…In fact, everyone is the same — the underlying logic of investment is to pursue profits, the other are just appearances — where money is made, capital will flock to — where money is lost, capital will resolutely abandon Kweichow Moutai, the ningde era is the same…Iii. From June to August 2021, our circle is also actively keeping up with the new energy track, from lithium extraction from salt lake to lithium hexafluorophosphates, from HIT battery to fluorine chemical industry.It has also been thrashing over a lot of wonderful cattle stocks, such as Salt Lake lithium xizang Mining and Tibet Everest, lithium hexafluorophosphorate yongtai Technology and Yantianhua, HIT battery Jinchen shares to fluorine chemical Lianchuang shares and so on, the increase from 3 times to 10 times, there are.And it is this kind of money making effect, from individual investors to institutions, are very successful.But as human nature is, a big money you make things, you will never forget it, as we always remember the good memories of the first love, but forget her is your past, had already turned over.In September, after the collective ebb tide of new energy, there are always some people who never forget them, because the traditional white horse in 2021 let us hate, will automatically have much love for new energy new white horse.It is easy to continue to do so, spurred on by the previous money-making effect of Halmon, with the memory of easy gains from June through August, both low and high.– October down, new energy cost-effective to buy.– November fell again, new energy more cost-effective continue to buy;– It fell again in December as new energy became cheaper to buy;– By January 2022, you start to doubt it and dare not buy it;– By February, the party had completely turned into an empty party, selling at the slightest hint of trouble.Therefore, there is a beginning, such as the large market value of the super white horse ningde Times, will also appear a precipice drop, since the Spring Festival market began out of 4 consecutive Yang, while Ningde times is out of 4 consecutive Yin, in 4 days, 609 yuan fell to 499 yuan.Don’t tell me that the sun never sets on the super white horse, ningde era is a living case, 2021 Kweichow Moutai is also a living case.The bigger the big, the bigger the super white horse, the more value investment we want, the growth investment, it is still down you have no discussion.Because, as long as it is an investment, it is impossible to get rid of human nature: — the higher the more buy, the more sell.The more it falls, the more likely it is to form a stampede.Because, impenetrable Titanic, also can sink, let alone investment.Because human nature, when the fall, and market value size has nothing to do.Just see, Shanghai missing in January after the 80 private equity big guy, finally confirmed LS, estimated and its 10 products have 8 liquidation in advance about!Such a management of more than $4 billion of private equity, this may be the end.According to the time, before January, the market is in a big ebb, especially the trend of The Chinese army, from the big white horse to the super big white horse, even if it fell for half a year, still fell again.Four, in the investment world, even the battle-hardened institutions are also suffering from the crash, and even forced to withdraw from the market, let alone us individual investors.Therefore, the only way to live longer in the market is to respect the market and always remember the rule of stop loss.Here, please circle friends every once in a while, consciously review: – small scattered advanced class first lesson: never catch law, strong line stop loss rule, and every day before opening for their own stocks to do a stop loss prediction, the end is really consistent with resolute stop loss leave, never remember.Do not think that at present we, one after another board on the big infrastructure leading Poly United, now 7 board can ignore the risk.3 board board on the digital economy leading Hublot shares, now 5 board is can forget stop loss.This digital economy, the main board of the total leader cuiwei shares fry board end failed to stand, gem leader Xiongdi technology also failed to continue to rise, perhaps to the short-term pressure level, at this time to keep alert is necessary, after all, Cuiwei shares we before the Spring Festival 2 even board on the car, xiongdi technology we hold 2 20CM after the festival, enough rich.Learn to be content with what you have in life, and investing is no different.The theme of tonight’s live broadcast — reviewing the performance after the Spring Festival, what should we think about: 1. Hublot, which dares to board poly Union for two consecutive times before the Festival, has been on board for eight times so far. 2.Time: February 11th 20:30 Be there or be square!