Rescuers rush to help father and son trapped after climbing mountain

2022-09-09 0 By

At 7:10 PM on February 9, 2022, the Red Cross Blue Sky rescue Center of Pingdu city received people for help: Two people in Jiudian Town, Pingdu City, lost in the mountains, unable to descend, need support to assist in the search and rescue.After receiving help from the masses, pingdu Red Cross Blue Sky rescue center quickly responded, 23 members of the team, carrying search and rescue dogs and other mountain search and rescue equipment, quickly assembled to the location.At about 7:15 p.m., the first echelon set out.After arriving at the designated gathering point at 7:52, the scene rescue commander learned after communicating with family members that the missing person was a father and his son, who got lost while climbing over a mountain ice stream to play.Due to the mountain search and rescue at night and the complex terrain, the site commander contacted the local forest fire department to assist in the search and rescue.At the bottom of the mountain, lights were used to identify the general location of the trapped people, and the first seven members of the team carrying rope gear, medical kits and two forest firefighters began to search the mountain.At 9:29 p.m., after two and a half hours, rescuers found the father and son trapped in a ravine.The terrain of the two people is relatively steep. After the first echelon rescue team contacted the trapped person with rope equipment, the medical team members quickly checked the injuries of the two people and conducted simple treatment of injuries. After confirming that the vital signs of the trapped person were normal, the two people were led down the mountain with rope equipment.The Red Cross Blue Sky Rescue Center in Pingdu city handed over the rescue workers to their families, checked the personnel and equipment and withdrew, and the rescue was successfully completed.Rescuers warn that when hiking in the wild, you must put safety first and never risk going on wild roads.Make full preparations before climbing the mountain. Tell your family about your activity plan before going out. For older people and those with diseases, try to be accompanied by others.Pay attention to the weather changes, pay attention to mosquito bites and poisonous snakes in summer, winter days become shorter, climbers should be ready to go down the mountain in advance, if there is danger, do not panic, clear your mind and choose to help.