Property service is poor, can refuse to pay property fee?Shanghai crown leading lawyers share

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Yang mou is a residential area in Hangzhou, this day he received a property company to collect property fees letter, he still ignored.Yang bought the second-hand house in the community in 2018, since April 1, 2019, he has not paid the property fee, he thinks the property company’s 1.5 yuan property fee standard is not based on.First of all, the property service management is not in place, for example, there are bicycles and electric bikes in the corridor, which cause hidden dangers to the personal safety of the building personnel.Secondly, the second floor ceiling leakage caused by Yang’s home indoor wall peeling, the property of the public area maintenance responsibility, but no repair.Third, the income and expenditure accounts of the park have not been made public. The original wood pavilion between building 25 and Building 26 has safety risks due to wood rot. The property was not restored in the later period of demolition.Since the property company did not perform its duties, so he with what to pay property fees?After repeated negotiations failed, the property company filed a lawsuit to the court: 1. Request the court to order Zhang to pay 4,236 yuan in arrears from April 1, 2019 to December 31, 2021 property fees;2 request judgment zhang to pay overdue property fee 500 yuan of liquidated damages;3. Order Zhang to bear the litigation costs of the case.Crown brought the property to the case company after bidding the prophase realty service contract signed with the developers legal and effective, and is legally binding on all the owners this village, and property company provides property management services, zhang as the owner shall have the obligation to pay the property management fee to the property company, so the property company property fee of 4236 yuan shall be supported.Service does not reach the designated position on zhang argues that property, income, expenditure accounts no public civil strife, wooden pavilion, corridor to stop lying pose a safety hazard, the corridor on the second floor roof leaking, green was damaged, combined with the original, zhang submit evidence can prove the property company delayed in performance of the realty service contract, zhang refused to pay property management fee, not support.For the property company asks Zhang mou to pay liquidated damages lawsuit request, because Zhang mou is not malicious arrears, it does not support.The good operation of the environment of a park is closely related to the service standard degree of the property management company, the quality of the owners, the natural aging degree of the park, the quality of housing construction, the rate of payment, the level of property cost standard and other multiple factors.The landlord’s refusal to pay the property management fee will lower the property service standard, resulting in a vicious circle, which will affect the normal operation of the property company and the normal management of the community and affect the common interests of the community owners.Property management companies, as property management managers, should also take the initiative to perform their duties in accordance with the provisions of the law and relevant industry regulations, improve the quality of service, improve the quality of living.Property companies and owners should also strengthen communication, strive for mutual understanding and support, and further improve the satisfaction of owners.In summary, the court judgment: 1. Zhang shall pay the property management company 4,236 YUAN from April 1, 2019 to December 31, 2021 within three days after the legal effect of this judgment;Reject other litigation requests of the property management company.Tips: If you have any legal questions, please consult the lawyers of Guanling Law Firm.