Only one night!Spurs make three-way deal, Heat make 1-for-1, 76ers refuse to trade Maxie!

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Only one night!Spurs make three-way deal, Heat make 1-for-1, 76ers refuse to trade Maxie!Dennis Schroder, on the celtics’ $5.9 million payroll this season, is miserable.Originally wanted to play a full season with the Celtics and then pursue a $100 million contract in the offseason.But now he’s already on the celtics’ shelf, and his future is unknown.However, schroder originally wanted to return to the Lakers as westbrook’s backup before joining the Celtics last year.But the fact that the lakers would rather sign Nunn, who has been sidelined this season with an injury, for two years and $10 million, than bring schroder back shows how much they hate him.And here’s something to watch for: Just one night!Spurs make three-way deal, Heat make 1-for-1, 76ers refuse to trade Maxie!The Utah Jazz, SAN Antonio Spurs and Portland Trail Blazers have reached a three-way deal, according to ESPN Fame, citing sources close to the deal.The jazz will acquire Alexander Walker and Juan Hernangomez.SAN Antonio gets: Satoransky + second round pick;Portland got: Ingels + Elijah Hughes + second round pick.While the three-way deal was puny, it was notable that two of them were traded away.One of them is Jazz forward David Ingles, who has been out for the season due to injury, or finally the Jazz successfully sent away, can be really unexpected!It was previously reported that ingles would be difficult to part with after a season-ending layoff, but the Jazz managed to sell him.The spurs’ decision to part with Hernangomez in a three-way deal was a bit of a surprise, given that they had been expected to use him when they acquired him in a trade, only to lose him.But the jazz would have a better future than staying in SAN Antonio, where the jazz are a top-four team and the spurs would probably not make the playoffs.This will also give him more opportunities to make his mark!The Miami Heat traded forward KZ Okpala to the Oklahoma City Thunder for a 2,026 round pick, the team said.KZ Okpala is averaging 3.7 points, two rebounds and 0.7 assists in 21 games for the Heat so far this season.As for the Heat, their championship team is so solid that there won’t be any big moves at the trade deadline, just a few small role players.With a 35-20 record atop the Eastern Conference, they have a very good chance of winning the championship as long as they hold their form through the playoffs.Before the 76ers refused to trade Maxie had heat hero is harden can not move the man, the current 76ers Maxie is Harden can not move the man!According to previous reports, the Nets 76ers are close to a deal, the current two sides on The Harden Simmons trade in discussions, in the main body of the case is to discuss the first chip.The Nets are said to be interested in acquiring Sabre, Maxie and Seth Curry from the Sixers in a potential harden trade.But now it seems impossible for the Nets to get Maxi because he’s not for sale.According to Jason Dumas of Philadelphia, the 76ers refused to include Maxie in trade discussions between Harden and Ben Simmons, and the Nets responded with a counteroffer from Simmons, Seth Curry, Sabre and Draymond.Currently, the Philadelphia 76ers are hesitant to include Seth Curry in the trade.Seth Curry is obviously the next best thing for the Nets, they still want Maxie, but the 76ers refused to trade maxie, leaving the Nets with no choice but to look elsewhere.