Lululemon publishes its Global Happiness Report for the second year in a row

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Shanghai, China, February 9, 2022 — Sports lifestyle brand Lululemon has released its second Global Happiness Report, which examines cognitive changes and new insights into people’s sense of happiness at the physical, psychological and social levels.Thanks to people’s attention and more active practice, the global happiness index reached 66 points this year, up one point from last year, according to the report.With a happiness index of 75, China remains the happiest country for the second year in a row.”Our second Global Happiness Report shows that people are adopting effective coping strategies to improve their mental health, but they also crave more human connection.””Lululemon is committed to improving people’s overall well-being, and with this new report, we hope to call attention to the well-being and well-being of ourselves, others, and society as a whole,” said lululemon CEO CalvinMcDonald.Lululemon used data from a sample of 10,000 adults in 10 countries to examine the different dimensions, drivers and challenges of happiness in its global happiness benchmark set last year.The global happiness index rose one point from last year to 66 points.China scored 75 on the happiness index, the highest of all the countries surveyed.Forty-six percent of Chinese respondents said they were happy in all three dimensions — physical, psychological and social — higher than the global average of 29 percent.Chinese people were also the most optimistic about the future of any country surveyed.Eighty-one percent of Chinese are optimistic about the future, up 1 percent from last year and higher than the global average of 54 percent in 2022.According to the report, the seven main drivers of happiness are physical health, energy, life balance, self-esteem, emotional stability, coping with stress and getting enough sleep.Chinese respondents said recognizing the importance of mental health from an early age, giving back to the community and being financially stable were also important.In the post-EPIDEMIC era, more and more people choose to go outdoors (+10%), exercise (+9%), connect with others (+8%), and recuperate in time (+8%).Gen Z had the lowest level of happiness, with more psychological and social challenges, with a score of 63, lower than the global average.Only 21 percent of Gen Z report being happy physically, mentally and socially.In particular, in the psychological and social dimensions, Gen Z scored significantly lower than the global average.Stress is the biggest barrier to Happiness for Gen Z.Gen Z are 1.5 times more likely than other generations to struggle to manage stress effectively, according to the survey.In addition, 53 percent of Gen Z report loneliness, much higher than the global average of 40 percent.While more than half (53 percent) of respondents said social media helps them connect with other people and the world, heavier social media users, such as Gen Z, reported lower levels of happiness from the social dimension.Respondents who used social media for an hour a day reported the highest levels of happiness, according to the report.Seventy-two percent of respondents would like to see more positive status stories on social media, such as how to overcome difficulties, stay healthy, set goals and take care of themselves.For more, check out: The social dimension scored 64 this year, the lowest for the second year in a row.The social dimension is not limited to a person’s network of friends and family, the sense of community is also an important driving factor.More than half of global citizens agree on the importance of community and belonging.This is especially true for The Chinese, where 78 percent of respondents rated belonging and giving back to their community as important, higher than the global average (71 percent).Interestingly, people who value belonging and giving back to their community tend to report higher levels of happiness.As an athletic lifestyle brand, Lululemon is dedicated to improving people’s overall well-being.In addition to the Global Happiness Report, at the employee level, the company has introduced leading employee assistance programs, counseling benefits and a monthly sports allowance.Lululemon will also offer mental health first aid training to all employees by 2023.On a social level, lululemon has established Centrefor SocialImpact, which aims to further promote physical, psychological and social well-being by supporting communities around the world through philanthropy, research and advocacy,And aim to reach 10 million people worldwide by 2025.In China, Lululemon works with its stores, ambassadors and community partners to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.Lululemon added to that enthusiasm last June when it launched its “Summertime Challenge,” a fitness call for all.On World Mental Health Day 2021, Lululemon is debuting its “October of The Heart” campaign to kick off a discussion about happiness and well-being.In 2022, Lululemon will continue to upgrade its campaign content and influence to support Healthy China.Lululemon (NASDAQ: LULU) is a healthy lifestyle inspired sportswear company that aims to create innovative products and experiences suitable for most hot sweat activities such as yoga, running, training, etc., so that people can better live on their own.Lululemon has long been an industry leader in technological fabrics and functional design, and works with yoga practitioners and athletes in the local community to collect product feedback and enable new product development.For more information, visit LULULEMON.COM.1 The study was conducted between October 13, 2021, and November 15, 2021, and included a sample of 10,000 adults worldwide (10 countries: THE United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, China, and Japan).