How to judge the position of the stock bottom?

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Today we teach you three classic bottom fishing form, through technical analysis to find the opportunity to get on the car, be sure to remember.End of the first form, W, also called double bottom, if stocks, after a long time to adjust, walked out of the W K line graph as the shape of the letter, we will put the two bottom in the middle of the high by drawing a horizontal line, is the neck line, if the stock price on the right side broke through the neck line, and with the volume amplification, can be decisive.The 2nd kind, the form that box body arranges, after share price experienced long fall, formed the trend of narrow range concussion, when share price began to break through the upper edge of box body up, and the magnification that accompanies turnover, the likelihood is the opportunity that builds storehouse.Third, the bottom of the arc, if it falls again, at the bottom of the arc form, at the same time the volume should also form the shape of the arc, pay attention to the general position at the bottom of the arc, the volume will not be too big, once the volume has gradually amplified, is the time to pay attention to.Note: Views of this article were edited by Li Xiaoliang (Practice registration no. A0190618070002).Unified social credit code · Overseas institution number: 911301001043661976;Views for reference only, do not constitute investment advice, the stock market is risky, investment should be cautious.