Harden 60+ triple double is that game?

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Harden’s 60-plus triple-double came in a game against the Magic.On January 31, 2018, no one expected Harden to perform in a mediocre regular-season game for the Houston Rockets against the Magic. Harden finished with 60 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists, recording the first and only 60-plus triple-double in NBA history.Harden was named the NBA’s MVP for the game.While Harden’s career is still going on, there may be more exciting games to come.But whichever way you look at it, it will go down as one of the most memorable matches of his career.Many basketball fans watched the entire game on tape and witnessed the miracle.Throughout the game, Harden took just one minute off and shot 19-of-30 from the field. He shot 63.3 percent from the field, 87.5 percent from the two-point line, grabbed 11 rebounds and dispossessed 11 assists.Harden may not have won an NBA championship in his career, but he is destined to become an NBA legend with his unprecedented 60-plus triple-double.