Eat melon masses break defense!Yanxujia Valentine’s Day with the woman back to the residence, the woman was suspected zhang Zifeng

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Recently, the entertainment industry also revealed a lot of melons on Valentine’s Day;Zhang Yujian and Wu Qian announced their divorce on Valentine’s Day;Then du Jiang private chat female network red event, many melons emerge in endlessly;It’s only been two days, and there’s another one.According to the gossip media, yanxu was recently photographed in the valentine’s Day suspected to be back to the apartment with the girl;It would not have caused what kind of fluctuations;The key lies in the girl, some netizens pick out the girl whether it is back or walking posture is like Zhang Zifeng;After that, some netizens saw that the mobile phone in the girl’s hand was the same as Zhang Zifeng’s.This girl is Zhang Zifeng.All of a sudden to eat melon people fryer, did not expect sister Zhang Zifeng actually fell in love;Fall in love is just, but spread yanxujia this deception playing with women’s feelings of men;Meal time, many netizens incarnate huang Lei, want to find a thing to cut;They were photographed wearing matching outfits.In the process of going home together on Valentine’s Day, Yanxu was seen by netizens.From the woman familiar door familiar road to Yanxu jia residence door can guess here is very familiar;The news that they had moved in together broke out again;The two were previously reported to be dating in October last year, but there were no waves at the time.I didn’t expect it to happen at this time.Not only is back and phone case, Zhang Zifeng university and Yanxujia is a classmate;But also presided over the school celebration party, private relationship is very good;In October last year, netizens broke the news that zhang zifeng and Yanxu Jia were together, according to an art exam teacher of one of her classmates.A large number of netizens do not believe that direct call is not real.Why do people react so enthusiastically when they eat melons?On one hand, the woman is Zhang Zifeng, and on the other hand, the man yanxujia in those days.At the beginning of 2020, the reputation of Yanxujia all collapsed;He was labeled as a man who cheated and played with women’s feelings by Internet users.When she was in love, she was scolded as a time management master by netizens.Today we will learn about this new generation of time management master and Zhang Zifeng’s story.Most people know Yanxu Jia when they play Creative Camp 2019;Yanxujia made a successful debut in the third place and became a member of the group.But Yanxu jia has already made her debut in the entertainment industry for many years;In the early years of the TV play into the entertainment circle, played a supporting role for many years.At that time, Yanxu Jia was just 10 years old, and she entered the entertainment industry very early.At the beginning, I was in contact with the advertisement shooting, and was chosen by the director to appear in the classic drama Big Time.Relying on this drama formally entered the entertainment circle, later “Zhong Kui Legend” also has his figure.He is technically a child star, but the epics and roles have never been popular;Like in “suspect X appearance” inside, Yanxu Jia also has a lot of weight;What really made him a bit famous was his role in Burn It Out.This variety show did bring him a lot of fame, and it continued to do so;The chance to become famous was in 2019, on the talent show “Creative Camp 2019”;Relying on years of accumulated experience and strength, finally started as a group;If the portfolio R1SE, along with the portfolio development, therefore on the peak.During the period of formal formation of the group, Yanxu jia attracted a lot of attention from fans;As a love beans, Yanxu jia’s resources and development is also good;At this rate it’s only a matter of time before it explodes;Unfortunately, the yanjia design collapsed in 2020.It started when a girl announced her relationship with Yanxu on her social media.And released a number of intimate photos;After the release of Yanxujia during love and ex-girlfriend contact, and a number of girls ambiguous;Yanxu Jia was a man who cheated and played with women’s feelings.In addition to the girl, many netizens and public figures have come forward.Seeing the real hammer and evidence out more and more, Yanxujia there is no news;Until after even the details will be exposed, Yanxujia also have no way;So far, Yanxu jia has no evidence of clarification and can only issue a simple statement.He said he would pay more attention to his career and acting in the future, and no longer pay attention to his relationship.Said good no longer to pay attention to feelings, it did not take long to zhang Zifeng also involved;So now netizens see the news of Yanjia’s love will be so sniffy;In particular, the woman was exposed suspected to be Zhang Zifeng, eat melon netizens without doubt to ask;What is Zhang Zifeng in the end?Yanxu jia word of mouth is so bad, why will and this deception playing with women’s feelings of the man went to a?Unable to accept the romance and the Revelations, netizens turned to Zhang’s Weibo for clarification;But according to the current situation, Zhang Zifeng side should not respond to it;This is also a variant of the real hammer.Let’s talk about Zhang Zifeng, as a powerful new generation actress;Zhang zifeng has been praised for years since she started out as a child star.Whether acting or participating in variety shows, Zhang Zifeng is a lovable little sister;Therefore, she is called the national sister by many netizens.As a rare entertainment circle without bad reviews of the actress, Zhang Zifeng’s word of mouth is really good;She made her debut at the age of 5 and cooperated with many top directors.They are full of praise for Zhang Zifeng’s evaluation;Now in her 20s, she has not worked down for so many years;In every way, Zhang Zifeng is much better than Yanxu Jia.Zhang showed her talent for acting at an early age;So Zhang’s mother also saw her daughter’s strengths;So Zhang Zifeng’s mother took little Zhang Zifeng to Beijing;When Zhang Zifeng was 5 years old, she began her journey to the north.At that time, Zhang Zifeng was not famous as a young actress.Mom had to take her all over the set to find opportunities;Fortunately, Zhang Zifeng at that time was also lovely and beautiful;So a lot of advertisers look for her to shoot ads.So Zhang and her mother lived off the advertising money in Beijing at that time;But it is still a drop in the ocean, zhang Zifeng also got many opportunities in the cast;But the small roles didn’t make her popular;Until the cast of aftershock found Zhang Zifeng.In the audition feng xiaogang directly confirmed Zhang Zifeng;Facts prove that Feng xiaogang’s vision is not wrong, Zhang Zifeng successfully played the role;She made many audiences cry when they saw her performance;Relying on this film Zhang Zifeng won the award, after the award Zhang Zifeng in the industry to start their own fame.Zhang zifeng is really talented and has put a lot of effort into acting;It wasn’t easy getting to where you are today;Debut so many years she does not hype, do not make scandal;I just play my part quietly.As a result, Zhang has always been seen by many as a younger sister;Many viewers regard her as a child they have watched grow up;The cabbage in the home met the man who cheated and played with women’s feelings, the netizens were naturally very anxious;Now things are still close to reality, but netizens still hold out a glimmer of hope;Hope this gossip is false, hope Zhang Zifeng can come out to clarify.It is not really blame the netizens malicious so big, indeed Yanxujia wind review is really too smelly;Xiaobian also don’t think that in such a short time, Yanxu jia can get rid of their bad habits;Who knows, Zhang zifeng will become another victim of men who cheat and play with women’s feelings.At the end, do you think the gossip between Yanxu Jia and Zhang Zifeng is true?Code word is not easy, I hope I can give xiaobian a point of praise point of attention.