Case alert!Don’t be careless about traffic safety

2022-09-09 0 By

Driving, safety first but there are always some drivers in order to save trouble and save time and other reasons for fluke safety in spite of the curves overtaking should not be responsible for the accident recently, in The town of Yumo Jinsha County a two-car collision accident occurred.At 8 o ‘clock in the morning, Luo mou driving a light rail truck to Jinsha County Yu Mo town Xiu Mountain village Wulong Field road section, and to the ao mou driving large ordinary passenger car collision, resulting in two different degrees of damage, fortunately no one was injured.Jinsha County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade Yu Mo Squadron police arrived at the scene after receiving the police, through the scene investigation and traffic recorder that the accident was due to luo driving to the section of the curve overtaking, hit the normal running of the bus.According to the relevant provisions of the law, traffic police identified: the accident by Luo mou to assume full responsibility.Recently, bijie City qixingguan District Layer Tai town guanxiang village near a vehicle overturned accident, after receiving the police, Bijie city Public Security Bureau Qixingguan branch traffic police brigade eight squadron police quickly rushed to the scene of the accident.After arriving at the scene, the police found a white off-road car upside down in the middle of the road, and the driver uninjured standing on the roadside, the police learned after the inquiry, the driver Zheng was traveling through the incident section, the vehicle swerved to bump the roadside fort after overturned, fortunately Zheng wore a seat belt, and was not injured in the accident.Police after the investigation of the accident to make responsibility, Zheng assumed full responsibility for the accident.Source: Bijie traffic police editor: Zheng Jiajia