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Mandatory EDR for new cars from 2022!After the ministry of new modified “motor vehicle safety technical conditions” since January 2022, the new production of passenger car must be equipped with EDR system of traffic events, this is known as the automobile black box recorder device can record the accident vehicle operating data before and after the next door of tesla brake of incidents involving intelligent driving “rashomon” is expected by the black box dataCertificate “the final word” “Motor vehicle Operation safety technical conditions” national standard no. 2 modification of this, many owners have questions: what is EDR device in the end?Why install the EDR?The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the relevant standards/the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology equipment center website “Motor Vehicle Operation Safety technical Conditions” national standard No. 2 amendment, from January 1 this year, the domestic new production of passenger cars to be equipped with the requirements of the “EDR”.The device, commonly known as a car black box, is triggered to record when a vehicle crashes or changes speed dramatically.Cao Guangping, independent researcher of new energy vehicles, introduced: Cao Guangping: When the driver presses the brake pedal in an accident, the EDR will save the brake signal from the number of milliampere to the number of milliampere, including deceleration and finally stop, and the whole process will be recorded.In addition to recording driver control data, EDR also records vehicle status. Lu Wenliang, distinguished researcher of the Automotive Industry at the Industrial Technology Innovation Center of the Chinese Academy of Strategic Consulting, introduced:For example, the speed, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, steering wheel Angle, brake and throttle state, etc., especially when an accident occurs in a vehicle with auxiliary driving function, EDR can distinguish whether it is the vehicle’s system failure or human operation error, which helps us to determine the responsibility of the accident.At present, 99% of new cars listed in the United States are equipped with EDR, while about 10% of new cars in China are equipped with EDR.Luxury cars such as BMW and Mercedes, as well as new energy cars such as NIO and BYD, are mostly equipped with EDR, with an average cost of about 1,000 yuan.According to Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the China Passenger Car Association, the mass adoption of EDRS in new cars will not lead to price increases.Cui Dongshu: The cost is relatively low, that is, the concept of 300 to 500 yuan, manufacturers can overcome this influence, will not increase the cost of consumers to buy cars.The hometown of Zhu De, Dexiang Yilong national red tourist destination Welcome you▶ Yilong: “Spring Breeze Action” sent 134 migrant workers back to their posts by special bus.▶ Tourism revenue: 573 million YUAN!The year of Yilong Tiger Spring Festival cultural travel market is thriving!▶ The Party Committee of Yilong County and the People’s Government of Yilong County wish the people of the county a happy New Year!