Where life does not meet you, time wasted white hair new

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Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art life where do not meet you, time wasted white hair new, experience vicissitudes of life is not old, spring flowers and autumn grass total dating.Spring to autumn to grow, wind, frost, rain and snow through the vicissitudes of life, eventful years less sentimental life.Vicissitudes of life can not be chased, autumn to see time hair, intentionally dyed green life.More grounding, rough life less bitter xin, autumn and winter are passing, vicissitudes of life experience see the spirit.Don’t insist, wasted ambition not reward, experience vicissitudes of life heart not old, wind and frost rain and snow spring and autumn.Autumn to winter all things empty, experience from calm, eventful years in a dream of life.Through the vicissitudes of rain and snow another autumn, ruthless years of life hard boat.Waste not chase, bitter short mo contrary, spring flowers and autumn leaves vicissitudes of life not ash.Bitter short mo hesitate, time wasted temples dye frost, experience vicissitudes of autumn fruit full of ting Fang.Hair spots on the temples, meaning not stop, years ruthless taste bitter.Vicissitudes of life, splendid autumn, years ruthless ambition exhibition Hong you.Another week, bitter short Mo Yan sorrow, spring flowers and autumn leaves go with the wind, through the vicissitudes of life ambition did not rest.Winter comes another spring, vicissitudes of life experience all see spirit, eventful years of life rain and snow invasion.The vicissitudes of life many changes, autumn fruit a few reincarnation, ruthless years of life spread wings to fly.Write extraordinary years, uneven life road, spring to several degrees to see the truth.Long road, waste time such as frost, experience heart without regret, spring to autumn to dream also sweet.The autumn sky, through the vicissitudes of life for hundreds of years, relentless hair, life has a dream of smoke.Vicissitudes of winter to all things new, ruthless years have a dream to send the world of mortals.Wasted past, life bumpy autumn leaves go with the wind, through the vicissitudes of life and another.Life is like water flow, years how much sorrow, vicissitudes of life experience shaking another autumn.How much sorrow, all the rest of the world, heaven and earth where to go, the wind and change in my heart.Xiu baiyun leisure change, heaven and earth as floating, all human world ask shallow deep.Where to find, changes in the total difficult to ban, how many joys and sorrows, pay the world of mortals a heart.April warm wind blowing, thousands of miles of mortals a dream, the vicissitudes of world world reincarnation.One into the world of mortals all waste, mind heaven and earth by the wind wave.Many changes, a solitary Hong, the world cold and warm vientiane empty.Selfless as I crazy, changes laugh vicissitudes of life, the world how many mortals a wisp of incense.There is no righteousness in the world, the world of mortals changes who can material, heaven and earth vast I find.The world of mortals is bustling, where the world is not vicissitudes of life, even if I xiang heaven and earth.Vicissitudes of life, boundless heaven and earth a few ups and downs, everything on earth is like a dream, laugh at the world of a leaf boat.There are strange stones, unpredictable wind and cloud, where to find wonderland, laughing at the world of free and unfettered guests.Is the world of wind and rain crazy, the world of mortals where not desolate, vicissitudes of life changes who can be expected, the cycle of heaven and earth I self-improvement.The world of mortals long road, where not vicissitudes of life, and heaven and earth as I xiang.Changeable boundless I, read all the world see broken smile life.Thunderclap shocked heaven and earth, thousands of miles of wind and clouds on earth no pure land, the world of mortals see through is a hero.The world a few degrees of autumn, not words of sorrow, the wind and change vast I swim.Body in the heart of the world since the leisure, where the world not taoyuan, a pot of liquor cloud over the eyes.Who can expect, I know, do not love is acacia.A merciless robbery from heaven and earth, the wind and change the body, do not see through the world is true.Seeking taoyuan, the heart of the world from leisure, the vicissitudes of life more changes, leisurely heaven and earth two phase.Vicissitudes vast an old man, read all the world see through the joke.Look at heaven and earth, the clouds as I laugh at the world as a guest.The world wealth fairy, see through since leisurely, changeable boundless let me sleep.How many things, is the vicissitudes of life, mind heaven and earth as I crazy.Pale yan white hair two blind, do not feel the youth has half a round, mo sigh years like clouds.A few rounds, a new time, do not say infinite good youth, notice white hair more than silver.Time is like a fallen flower, waste time has boundless, youth has a dream affectionate without contempt.Youth is perishable time goes, white hair is hard to keep ambition, time relentlessly urges me old, time flows east like water.Pale yan old dazzling, youth accompany like water east flow, years like singing sunset clouds.Hone bitter, time flies deeply, no regrets life road, white hair still bare heart.Don’t sigh time like water mark, waste time and dusk, youth not old feeling is still in, white hair frequency add ambition still exists.Don’t say that youth has passed away, notice white hair added to the ruthless years of time I cut.Pale yan is not old, youth ambition like water east flow, years like singing late autumn.Temples have spent, wind, frost, rain and snow degrees of time, life without regret, white hair poetry wine tea.Snap old, years turn head empty, youth has paid the east flowing water, white hair still in the sunset.Youth no longer dream of a few wrong people, difficult to stay in the mirror body, years of ruthless intentional exposure to dust.White hair merciless hate pay waste, time like water like shuttle sigh wave.Ruthless urging temples flower, as water gone, youth easy old yan sigh sunset.Time is like passing water, waste time is like quicksand, youth is easy old yan to sunset.Hone zhi, sigh waste, ruthless years time by dream.Another, the dream is difficult to round, time like water like singing daqian.Old, intentionally by wave flow, youth has gone spare hate, white hair frequency add in vain from sorrow.Time can not bear to listen, waste time sigh helpless, youth easy old frequency Tim Zhiyun ning.Don’t say youth can’t credit, white hair is boundless, emerged years by waves.White hair Xiao Shubiansheng, youth is no longer difficult to dream, time is like water, such as song.The bottom of my heart, a few dreamboat, not old feeling still in, white hair frequency add meaning more true.Years flies in a dream, waste time sigh piaopeng, youth has gone spare hate, white hair is hard to stay in vain.Don’t say youth white hair has been gorgeous, ruthless years by dream remnant.As old as today, youth no longer like water east flow, years ruthless and a few heavy.Huangquan road thousands, living if yunyan, sorrow heart a wisp of acacia nowhere to say.Thousands of miles, turbid drunk thousands of sorrow, life must treasure, don’t hate endlessly to the end.You go to the south to worry, the east wind endlessly, the road rugged blue less ups and downs.Which means, only a long road, language can not tell, only sorrow heart sent home.The yellow spring is no one to ask, the world ever have I pity, a wisp of sad silk dream not together.Life and death who said liquor solution thousand sorrow, the world is seeking fenghou road huangquan.Sorrow lonely, road distant, life in the afterlife hate has not disappeared.A few people can solve worries, road far don’t look back, thousands of words two sorrow.Huangquan road eight thousand, a wisp of life in the wind, into acacia and dream.White hair three thousand zhang, don’t say sad 100 feet long, the world a few back on the road and what.Article old sorrow what limit, words new poetry and music weiyang, the world a few back to hurt the past, the words desolate on the road.Who can know, huang Quan road far I walk alone, million words do not know how to tell, only the sad heart sent on Ming.Huangquan road far without news, the world love more parting, don’t say human sorrow like the sea, thousands of words into poetry.Autumn wins the spring outing, I road days cool good sorrow, the world how much far mo turn back.The world is awake on the road without bosom friend, thousands of words feeling sorrow sent to the world of mortals.All the rest of the world, life in front of no bosom friend, the world who said I do not worry.Time urges a person old, vicissitudes of life to provoke sorrow, the world road rugged blue a few spring and autumn.Don’t worry for years gradually deep, wanting to speak but tears touch jin, the world is lonely heart.Little old, two blind date, thousands of words sorrow heart send round.The next life to go to the road, meet again hoary weng, don’t say the world this hate with you.Has forgotten to say, a wisp of brow, the world is acacia bitter, who xiao Huangquan road thousands.– Zheng Huixian Chinese Art