Tiger symbol was used in ancient military mobilization. Chinese culture advocates “tiger”. Why is this?

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There are a few days is the Year of Yin tiger, the morning bought a lot of New Year goods, small tiger pendant son, socks, Spring Festival couplets and so on.For us Chinese, since ancient times, in our culture and history, we have special feelings and status for the “tiger”, and gradually formed many unique cultures.In many places, when a woman is pregnant, she places a small cloth tiger next to her pillow, hoping that the baby will be as strong as a tiger when it is born.When a child is born in the family, tiger hats and shoes will be prepared. In the folk people worship the tiger as a mascot, believing that the tiger can pray for the child, drive away evil spirits, and let the child grow up healthily.We have learned a lot of idioms about the “tiger” from our textbooks, such as adding wings to the tiger, leaping dragon, rising tiger, crouching tiger, hidden dragon and so on.Life among people also often say, this child grow “tiger head”, see you eat “Wolf”, see you recently fat “tiger back waist”……In both the history and a lot of costume dramas, in our country ancient times, in order to ensure that the monarch in conveying command or mobilize troops don’t make any mistakes, need to use a token as proof, this token was called “lead”, the ancient people think tiger is the king of beasts, in the invincible position in the jungle to fight, so the soldier FuZhu carved into the shape of a tiger, referred to as the “roller”.Tiger symbols first appeared in the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States Period. Most of them were bronze, but also gold. In the Yuan Dynasty, tiger head was also used.Chinese zodiac culture has been passed down for more than 2,000 years, with the tiger ranking third in the 12 zodiac signs. Many people believe that people born in the year of the tiger are brave, optimistic, righteous, long-lived and good at leadership.Inside a lot of people like to hang the tiger’s painting, painting style is different and there are many pay attention to in it, some people say that can town house to ward off bad luck, now a lot of popular logo clothing also has a lot of use of tiger pattern, each person’s pursuit and aesthetic is different, I don’t like these two, both at home and wear in the body will feel uncomfortable,Especially if they’re fierce and look scared. Do you?There is also the “Tiger Festival” of the Yi people, which runs from the eighth day of the first lunar month to the 15th day of the first lunar month. The whole festival is very lively.There are some places in Shaanxi where people will “eat tiger noodles” when they get engaged. If you know other folk customs about tigers, please share them in the comments section.I am dimple fruit fruit, I wish you in Dalian, the body alive, career tiger step dragon line, fortune and tiger add wings, spirit tiger tiger alive, happiness 虎踞龙盘, the whole family year of the tiger!