The youngest mother in the Internet is a post-90s woman who lost her two sons and daughters on the same day

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“I was born in 1992. I am the youngest parent of a family looking for relatives.”Speaking of her own situation, Zeng Genlan, a mother born in the 1990s, is the biggest difference between her age and other parents looking for their parents.Before she was 30, she lost two children.That afternoon on April 7, 2019, she will never forget.Zeng Genlan’s seven-year-old daughter and her five-year-old brother disappeared into thin air after playing at the village fitness square in Jiangbei Village, jiulong Village Committee, Fenghuang Town, Ji ‘an County, Jiangxi Province.From then on, she and her husband embarked on the road to find a pair of children.Three years have passed in the wind and rain.According to Zeng Genlan, at around 16:20 PM on April 7, 2019, her daughter Tong Yunjing, who was on holiday for Tomb Sweeping Day, finished her homework and saw children playing in the fitness square next to the ancestral temple in the village. She asked her father to take her younger brother to play.Thinking it was only a little over 100 meters away, Zengenland’s husband agreed and told the two children not to stray too far.At about 17:30, when the husband went to call the two children home for dinner, he found that the two children were missing.Asked the children to play, and with them, the children said, in the fitness square during the play, the sister and the brother had to square next to the old woman (Zeng Gen orchid husband’s grandmother) have been to, grandma and grandpa are not at home at that time, the sister and the brother is each from the refrigerator each took a bucket of rice porridge, back to the square.Later, after playing for a while, they went to the old woman’s house again, but they did not see them come out.Zengenland’s husband searched the square in vain.”The baby just disappeared,” Zengeran said. The couple called the police that evening, but they were told they could not file a report until 24 hours after the disappearance.There was no camera in the village at that time, so they couldn’t track the child through the video, so they had to mobilize their friends and relatives to search the whole village, but nothing came of it.Subsequently, they also printed a large number of posters for distribution, and broadcast the posters on TV. They also went to the police to collect blood and put it into the DNA database. They used all the methods they could think of, but until today, there is still no information.In Zeng genlan’s memory, her daughter Tong Yunjing was wearing a long-sleeved cotton sweater and a ponytail when she went missing.His younger brother tong Renqian was wearing a white long-sleeved cotton sweater when he went missing, and Tong Has three scars on his head and a small scar on his face.It was the most immediate identification of her search for her son.When the siblings first went missing, they had received a number of clues, such as someone who said they saw a child who looked like her missing child and rushed there, but when they got there, she knew there was a mistake without testing the DNA.Others offered to help her find the child for a commission.She would turn over some money, three hundred and two hundred, turn over and over, but after turning thousands of dollars, only to find that it was cheated.In order to find their missing son and daughter, Zeng genlan and her husband traveled to various cities in Jiangxi, as well as to neighboring provinces and as far as Fujian Province.During this period, they issued 20,000 to 30,000 leaflets and opened various platforms such as Weibo, Douyin and Kuaishou, trying to obtain more effective information by expanding various information dissemination channels.Zeng genlan has also opened a live broadcast to interact with netizens and families in the live broadcast room, which is much better than Posting leaflets.(Zeng Gen in tracing the parents of the studio to tell their experience) a separate out of town for the first time endeavoured ceremony, hope to be able to touch “pleased” on February 10, heze abducted more than 30 years of ck cheung and abducted 14 years Zhang Yikui, find a family to endeavoured ceremony in the day, after Zeng Gen LAN heard after, just following find Du Xiaohua together from jiangxi to shandong.It was the first time she had traveled far and alone in search of a pair of children.Due to special reasons, the two families of the scene is not open temporarily, Ceng Genlan some lost.The plan was to go to the wedding ceremony to attract more attention through the media, but it turned out to be empty.But like her, there are many parents who come to be “happy”. Although they can’t come to the spot to be “happy”, they have a new way, respectively in the hotel of Cao county and Juancheng County live broadcast, let the parents to tell their own situation in the live broadcast.Li Fang, Zhang Yangyang mother and son, and 13 days of hand-drawn maps to find their families, Li Jingwei, have opened a live broadcast.Zeng Genlan, the youngest parent seeking parents, became the focus of every broadcast.Holding a sign in her hand and wearing a special coat with her children’s information on it, Ms. Zengelan tearfully introduced her children over and over again.She hopes that as more people read the information, they will help spread it.I hope my child will return to his mother as soon as possible, just like Zhang Jigang and 张祎奎.Zengenland said.Later, she followed some of the parents to Chongqing, hoping to get to know more families and stay together for warmth.