The sixth day of the first month | 8 kinds of folk customs send the poor nakfu to receive good luck, a year to receive money

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Folk customs mentioned in “the first people worship, 2 people worship, ising a pauper, 4 people begging in meters, fifth people is years, the seventh XunChun, eighth day. No return, the ninth nine head empty, 10th DaChun, eleventh son back, light booth 12 and 13 people turn on the light, 14 of bright lights and 15 after praying lamp, adopt green walk out.”Is the so-called year six shun throw poor ghost.On the sixth day of the first month, “send the poor” is a very distinctive custom in ancient China.Its meaning is to offer poor ghost (poor god), also known as “poor son”.Time comes to the sixth day of the first lunar month, the Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, many businesses have begun to open foreign business, the Spring Festival for the Chinese people have a lot of excellent customs worth our inheritance and carry forward, today let’s take a look at the sixth day of the first lunar month what folk customs!1, Ma Ri, because when nuwa empress in creation, is first created the livestock, which created the horse, so people also become Ma Ri, so-called “Ma Ri”, in ancient times called “Yi fat”, actually Yi fat, because of low productivity in ancient, people think the best way to make the land fertile is collection of people and livestock excrement, until spring when using,Hope for a good harvest next year.Throw away poor ghost!Folk custom, in the first two is not to send garbage, to the third day to send.So from the first to the fifth day of the family piled up garbage, bottles and cans on the sixth day of the first month all thrown away.The fifth day to meet the god of wealth, the sixth day to send the ghost of poverty, meaning the New Year will be rolling in revenue, good luck, also placed on the people to eliminate disasters avoid misfortune, good wishes to avoid evil.3, businesses open!This mainly means that those who open shops, restaurants and all kinds of business, to the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, the year is almost over, can start business.The fifth day of the sixth day of the first month is suitable for the opening of the day, because these two days just meet the God of wealth, remember the opening of good luck!Three six nine, go out!Childhood often listen to the elders say, if you want to go, the 369, which means people this day, the moral lucky smooth, this day according to the old customs day to play outdoors, such as around the square or park, temple fair of what, after all, the Chinese New Year or need a bit more lively, because from the lunar to fifth, Chinese New Year has been the big fish meat to eat, really should go out activities,Take it all in.Burning incense and setting off firecrackers!Because the sixth day and the meaning of 66, the old man said that this day whether opening, or setting off firecrackers can get a good fortune, hope the New Year wealth “666”!6, pendulum orange nagy!On the sixth day of the first lunar month, oranges are traditionally placed on the table, symbolizing good luck and prosperity.Speaking of this, the orange in my home is placed from the first day of the New Year to the fifth day, basically did not leave the table, so, do not have to deliberately say the sixth day on the table.In short, this simple custom is also to pray for good luck in the coming year, so put it on the table for good luck!Eat donkey roll!The old custom is to find a little boy in the year of his birth, wearing red wearing green back a bamboo basket filled with paper people to go to the street, who robbed even robbed the god of wealth, was robbed to throw away poor ghost, because this day is “horse day”, so want to eat “donkey roll”!8. Get ready for work!To the sixth, the year has almost passed, the seventh is to go to work, the sixth is not the adjustment of the state, ready to enter the new mode of struggle?Many people in addition to eat the New Year is to sleep, so, at the beginning of the work there is always a lazy state, so, might as well in the New Year six in advance to prepare, the seventh day to work or into the state of work, waiting to get the boss red envelope ah.Bogey 1 thing on the sixth day of the year, in addition to the above should do, there is one thing absolutely can’t do, and, the whole first month is not suitable.As an ancient cultural custom, it reflects the thoughts and feelings of rural people to respect their ancestors and inherit the fine traditions and cultural customs of the Chinese nation. We should also inherit the excellent traditions and discard unscientific thoughts to make the Spring Festival more interesting.