The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 22FALL Master application deadline

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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is a public applied research University located in Hung Hom Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong.Polyu was founded in 1937 as the Hong Kong Higher Industrial Production Institute, China, and became the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in 1994. It is one of the eight legally mandated public universities supported by the Higher Education Support Association (TEACHERS ‘Certification Council).Freshman year a total of eight colleges, including engineering project, the basic construction and natural environment, industrial and commercial management, diagnosis and treatment and the humanities, history, humanities, basic science and textile industry, design method and the hotel and tourism management institute, there are 26 department, under 40 several scientific research laboratories, research institutes and research centers.From its inception to the present, the University has been working in collaboration with the evolving needs of Hong Kong, China, in terms of academic research content, scientific research priorities and campus development trends.At present, polyU has about 25,800 students, more than any other university supported by the Teaching Certification Council in Hong Kong, with over 420,000 graduates.Polyu dedicates itself to interdisciplinary research, building expertise and developing new and well-known products to contribute to the world.The University is the only one in Hong Kong that has gained practical experience in international space daily missions. Since 2010, the university has made every effort to contribute to the national space research program.In order to be suitable for the national lunar exploration project, the “camera bias organization system software” was developed jointly with the authoritative experts of The China Academy of Space Technology, which was used in the Chang ‘e-3 mission in 2013 and the Chang ‘e-4 mission on the lunar back in 2019.In July 2020, PolyU successfully developed the “Spark Camera”, an important instrument equipped with the Mars Exploration System software, to carry out the country’s first daily Mars exploration mission “Shenggong 1”.The deadline for most 22FALL technical programmes at polyU is: 30 April 2022, except for the following unique time technical programmes:Hong Kong, China institute of technology and the university of Warwick IGDS master’s low collaborative projects, business management, master of science “-vice production method is a master of science in manufacturing engineering projects and management of supply chain management and logistics information management master of science degree The deadline for the above three major to apply for: January enrolled: October 15;Admission in August: November 15th for the first round and May 31st for the second round the deadline for other technical programs is September 23rd – April 30th, 2002