“Security battle” Qianshan public security continued to carry out a ban on burning fireworks and firecrackers special rectification work

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The Spring Festival is approaching, in order to strengthen the control of fireworks and firecrackers, protect the safety of people’s lives and property, and improve the quality of the environment and air, Qianshan Branch of Anshan Public Security Bureau thoroughly implements the deployment requirements of the Municipal Government and the Municipal Bureau Party Committee, responds quickly and strictly implements various measures.Through increasing publicity, safety inspection and other ways to put “no burning and no releasing” into effect.In order to carry out the special rectification action of banning burning and setting off fireworks in an all-round and in-depth way, Qianshan Public Security Sub-bureau held a special deployment meeting at the first time, formulated the implementation plan, and set up a special rectification leading group led by the main leaders of the sub-bureau to comprehensively consolidate responsibilities and refine the division of labor.To achieve a good working situation of “guarding the soil, doing their respective duties and managing together” in the special work of fireworks and firecrackers prohibition.Qianshan mountain branch of combustion bans banned fireworks rectification actions by the branch of public security brigade to lead and cooperate in the police station, through the joint logistics linkage, intensify propaganda and regulation, especially in crowded places like supermarkets, department stores and street markets to carry out the centralized inventory, to hunt down the illegal production, sale, storage, the behavior of illegal fireworks, establish accountability mechanisms,We will implement the management system of “who is in charge and who is in charge”.Strengthen the publicity of public opinion to increase the ban on fireworks and fireworks strike and propaganda efforts, Qianshan Public security bureau is closely combined with the festival is carried out before the village to visit the work, organized the police into the people’s home, into the factory area, door to door to carry out the ban on smoking firecrackers propaganda work,By placing propaganda booths, issuing leaflets, hanging propaganda banners and Posting notice of “No setting off fireworks and firecrackers” in conspicuous parts, a strong atmosphere of banning fireworks and firecrackers will be created in the area of jurisdiction, so that the masses can truly realize the harm of setting off fireworks and firecrackers easily causing fire, air pollution and physical health damage.In the process of publicity, Qianshan Public Security Bureau fully mobilized all kinds of publicity means, through offline publicity activities, online organization of “cloud on the safety class” and other ways, to achieve “online and offline with frequency interaction, police and people exchange zero distance”.Donganshan Police Station organized the police to go deep into the enterprises under their jurisdiction to hold the special exchange meeting of “no burning and no setting off fireworks and firecrackers”, and communicate with employees face to face about the relevant knowledge of no burning and no setting off fireworks and firecrackers, and actively answer questions for employees to effectively improve their safety awareness.Tanggangzi police station took the initiative to contact the village committee, the use of village speakers will be prohibited from burning fireworks and firecrackers related requirements to the people’s “kang tou”.”With the help of village loudspeakers, people can learn about the requirements of banning fireworks without going out of their homes. Such publicity is in line with the actual situation in our area.”Tang Gang zi police station police introduction.Through a series of special rectification actions, strengthen the general public for the prohibition of fireworks and firecrackers ideological understanding, for the Spring Festival qianshan district social order sustained stability laid a solid foundation.END feed unit public security sub-bureau contributor | | qianshan mountain Wang Yujing edit | | jing yi for crystal audit mighty