Qigong running book “Tang People swan Song two”, flowing water, beautiful

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Qigong’s running script, Two Last Songs of The Tang Dynasty, 163.5×45.5cm, source: China Guardian, autumn 2021.Zhongnan Yin Ling xiu, snow floating cloud end.Lin shows ji color, the city twilight cold.All the birds fly high, all the clouds go idle.Sit up and take notice of the two, only Jingting Mountain.In the spring of 1988, Qigong book was written in the capital.Qi Gong (July 26, 1912 — June 30, 2005) was a native of Beijing. He styled himself Yuan Bai, also known as Yuan Bo, and styled himself Yuan Bei Jushi.The ninth grandson of Emperor Yongzheng.Chinese contemporary famous calligrapher and painter, educator, classical literature scientist, connoisseur, redologists, poets, master of Chinese studies.A former associate professor and professor of Beijing normal university, the Chinese people’s political consultative conference national committee standing committee and director of cultural relic identification committee of the national committee, director of the central literature and history institute, doctoral tutor, jiusan society advisor of Chinese calligrapher’s association, honorary President of world Chinese artists association and the chairman,Buddhist Association of China, Palace Museum, national Museum consultant, President of Xiling Seal Society.Welcome to browse “Wen Mo Run Silent”, which aims to inherit the essence of red culture, innovate and improve cultural quality, and display the charm of calligraphy and painting culture.We will uphold the concept of inheritance and development, constantly innovate ways of thinking, plan and expand development approaches, gather excellent art resources, and enrich the connotation of culture and art.Strive to make wenmorunsilent into a platform for the communication of painting and calligraphy culture and art, to provide the society with high-quality painting and calligraphy art works, to make new contributions to the healthy and prosperous development of painting and calligraphy art, to promote the essence of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Follow, like, favorites, share, retweet.Announcement: Part of the content pushed by this platform comes from the network, if there is infringement, you can directly contact toutiao number backstage, we will deal with it in the first time, the Internet is a resource sharing ecosystem, we advocate sharing.