Play board rematch: main line collective heavy defeat, tomorrow or next Monday is expected to turn strong mood again

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Today is the loss of money effect burst one day: three indexes all fell, the number of daily limit up to the number of daily limit, 3 recent hot real estate, Traditional Chinese medicine, agriculture became the lead, serious emotional differences.1. Super short overview: the main line collective adjustment of mood big cycle rise, mood small cycle ended today nearly 4 days of rising divergence, the recent main line collective fall.Real estate/infrastructure is the absolute mainline of the recent 4 days of continuous board tickets, echelon today showed an obvious defeat:Differences from the beginning of the call auction, the property abnormal flat open, TongDa entrepreneurship, shahe stock abnormal low open, and then divide spread, even board vote yesterday TongDa entrepreneurship, shahe shares, Beijing to home buyers, heaven and earth A closed almost day (floor) and drop stop, early Fried dish made of FanBao tianbao infrastructure to flat, the garbage hydratight development 2 even drop stop.Even weaker plate mood with real estate, infrastructure, floor, rui kang pharmaceutical day yesterday even plate sentiment panlong pharmaceutical stocks closed, ChuTianLong drop stop, harden index fell 1.47% yesterday, yesterday 23 even board vote in progress only five and nearly 10 drop stop, drop stop number more than the number of harden, or list of the top is mostly in the near future even board vote.2. Core target: Real estate/infrastructure leader — China Communications Real Estate: today in this bad situation can close red and there are plate action, indicating that the stock has not been completely weakened.Before China Wuyi open board is expected to have funds to participate, can live until China Wuyi open board.Real estate/infrastructure potential new leader + top board – China Wuyi: is the core of the real estate, the continuous single word for the first 4 days of the real estate echelon of the strong made great contributions, is expected to open the board that day can change hands trading limit.Real estate/infrastructure stock + joint highest board – Hainan Ruize: the number of boards and China Wuyi the same but the quality of the sealing plate is far worse than China Wuyi, the current status of the real estate is just the general following.Normally speaking, it will be weaker before China Wuyi, and a small probability event is to drop China Wuyi (in China Wuyi opened the board that day before China Wuyi seal board), to seize the expectation of China Wuyi, and become the new leader of the real estate.Real estate/infrastructure stocks – Guotong shares: weak to strong promotion today, high premium is expected tomorrow.Whether the follow-up can continue to strengthen depends on the real estate/infrastructure direction can provide help to repair.Shipping + high send turn – Shenghang shares: March 31 announcement to 10 turn 4 send 1.3 yuan, the main speculation logic is high send turn.But high send turn this direction at present fund recognition degree is general, except jin Rong tianyu without other shares can hit height, calculate a not mainline direction.Tomorrow and next Monday is likely to imitate the same non-mainline in the department of gold, Chutianlong weak trend, expectations are not high.3. Outlook: At present, the mood is still releasing differences. In the next few days, we will wait for the mood inflection point.Inflection point requirement is more than 20 even board + yesterday even board ticket most promotion and red.In the past more than a month, the big mood cycle is an upward state, and the law of the small mood cycle is the repeated cycle of 5 days or so of continuous rise +1,2 days of continuous divergence. Today is a whole day of divergence, so the inflection point of strong mood again with this law is highly likely to happen tomorrow or next Monday, that is, the opportunity to go long next Monday or next Tuesday.If the mood is still divergent by next Tuesday (ebb tide is more than 2 days), the inherent law of the mood big cycle of more than a month has been broken. It is necessary to doubt whether the mood big cycle is out of tide, and the continuous divergence of the mood small cycle may be extended to 4 or 5 days.A, today hot: today hot plate/concept: chemical fertilizer, cement, building materials, coal today before the view of the long brother reminded away from the real estate even board tickets, set bidding see real estate bidding is not good to further enhance the risk, today’s real estate such as worry about the consistent collapse.Before the dish point of view also suggests that Chinese medicine, real estate, agriculture 3 recent hot spots are high, in the presence of the negative line should not chase high, today the three directions are all adjusted, Long Brother’s strategy successfully hedge.Around 10 o ‘clock in the morning, hair real-time solution dish mentioned building materials, military, liquor and other should not last, or today rushed high fall or tomorrow low open stuffy kill, had better not chase up.Afternoon with the index fell, the direction of the day directly high fall.Three, where is the profit (loss) effect?In terms of the current trend of the index, shenzhen Component Index and GEM are likely to hit new lows within 2-3 weeks.Just the difference lies in, this 2 days directly break a drop, or these days continue to maintain a small shock, to do this after the fall.Longge tends to think that the index continues to shock in the next few days, shenzhen component index, gem has a repair (because today in the recent shock area of the lowest point).Core hot capital trends: Fang Xinxia: net purchase of 56 million Hainan Ruize (high real estate high-standard stocks, game real estate reverse package and emotional repair tomorrow) little crocodile: buy 43 million South Land Properties (made a real estate low-suction big long-leg success, but the end of the fried plate)3. Buy 19 million Guotong shares, buy 8 million Huitong Group, sell 7 million Tiandi Yuan (small warehouse continue to operate real estate, infrastructure) Liyang Road:Sell 52 million Panlong pharmaceutical, 3 days to buy 19 million Newtag, buy 14 million Suao sensor, sell 15 million Hengdi pharmaceutical (liyang Road pattern, panlong pharmaceutical today’s straight dive should not be his hit, he may be out of the near limit today) chapter leader:Institutional focus: 3 days net purchase of 110 million to Ling pharmaceutical (and today there are institutions to buy to Ling pharmaceutical.Compared with the list of dragon and Tiger in recent 2 days, there should have been more than 100 million institutional net buying volume on the big negative line last Friday. On 3 days, the net selling of 150 million Shenghang shares (the institutions that have been buying at the bottom of the three days have been hitting the market, and today they hit 100 million.The net purchase of 27 million Hendi Pharmaceutical (2 small institutions low purchase quilt) the net sale of 180 million Xinlai Yingcai (institutions kill more than one, resulting in stampede)