On Jan. 15, China may suspend all FLIGHTS to China from the U.S.Britain has been found to have spies in Huawei

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Unlike China’s epidemic prevention measures, western countries are generally passive in fighting the disease, hoping to gain herd immunity.In the United States, the epicenter of the global epidemic, there are still some people who oppose wearing masks and regard COVID-19 as a “mild flu”, which is very popular in the United States.It is necessary for China to restrict personnel exchanges with the United States in order to protect its domestic achievements against COVID-19.China will suspend all flights from the US to the country for two weeks starting Next Wednesday because of the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, CNN reported.In addition, during the Beijing Winter Olympics, China will adopt closed-loop management measures, foreign athletes can only take special planes arranged by the Chinese side, to ensure complete isolation from society, so as to ensure that nothing goes wrong.As the most successful country in the world, China’s achievements have not come easily because of the concerted efforts of the whole society.In order to achieve this situation, we strictly implement the policy of home quarantine, do not visit relatives and friends, and take nucleic acid tests at regular intervals. It is not easy to say.If foreigners are allowed to move freely, they could bring the virus in.Any negligence may have serious consequences.We are confident that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a successful global sporting event. We are willing to provide convenience to athletes from other countries. However, when it comes to epidemic prevention, nothing should be done.For this sporting event to run smoothly, the athletes of all countries should also obey the arrangements.There is also good reason for China to suspend flights from the United States to China. There were already cases of COVID-19 on FLIGHTS from the United States to China, but fortunately, China found them in a timely manner.So if we continue to allow US flights into China, there will be accidents sooner or later. The US will not be held responsible for this, and All the consequences must be borne by China itself.Well, we might as well take precautions and shut down America’s transmission routes.For example, during the Wuhan Military Games, American athletes failed to win a single gold medal, and many of them even showed symptoms of COVID-19.The United States is not ready to disclose the details of the athletes until recently, while the Pentagon has been secretive. Considering that the United States has many biological laboratories, the United States is suspected of being the source of novel Coronavirus.The White House reacted sharply to China’s earlier cancellations, threatening to take appropriate action against China.However, the United States did not mention “spreading poison” against China. Instead, it simply accused China of hegemony.In the eyes of American politicians, the rest of the world has no choice but to obey them, and they fly into a rage if anyone dares to cross them.The US is not only suspected of “spreading poison” against China, but also instructs other Allies to suppress Chinese enterprises and let other countries choose sides between China and the US. If they do not follow its instructions, they will impose sanctions on others.A British executive has claimed that the British government planted spies inside Huawei to find out if the company was a “threat” and that the UK had ruled out Huawei equipment.For following the US to suppress Huawei, the British government is aggrieved. The former Business Secretary of the UK once said that the UK’s decision to exclude Huawei equipment was forced by the US, not its own decision. Moreover, the British intelligence department has long confirmed that Huawei does not pose a “security threat”.It seems that it is true that the UK has spies in Huawei, but I don’t know if they have been found out.As a matter of fact, the British government does not have to defend itself, because it is meaningless now. If the UK wants to ease relations with China, it should draw a clear line with the US, change its current China policy and protect the interests of Chinese companies.But Britain may not be able to do that. Britain is in the first tier of America’s Allies, linked by blood to the United States, from the same people.It’s no surprise that The UK can’t stand the pressure from the US. Since Brexit, the UK has lost a backer. Although it is still bright on the surface, the country is actually in crisis.In order to get out of the difficulties, Britain needs the support of the United States and needs to sign economic and trade agreements with the United States to open up the American market so as to get rid of dependence on the Eu.For example, the UK’s decision to punish CGTN twice in a row was not necessarily directed by the US, but rather intended to punish Chinese companies.By apologising to China now, the UK may only be trying to appease China’s anger, and they may have to be humiliated in the future.