Jin Boyang and Hanyu Yuanyu will compete together in the Hanyu Yuanyu 4A challenge!

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On February 10, the men’s single free skating final at the Winter Olympics will begin at 9:30.Yuzuru Hanyu plans to challenge for a triple Olympic title in 4A in the final.Jin Boyang is going for a medal today.In the previous short program, Kim Boyang and Yuzuru Hanyu have appeared varying degrees of error, provisional 11th and eighth respectively.In the free skating on the 10th, Jin Boyang hopes to excel and strive for a better ranking.Yuzuru Hanyu is trying to achieve his dream of winning three consecutive Olympic gold MEDALS in men’s singles skating.Jin Boyang is currently the world’s highest ranked domestic men’s singles skater.He finished fourth in the men’s singles at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, China’s best ever.Yuzuru Hanyu has a pure girl manchu male face, a commentator said he is jade appearance, like a dragon, pian rujing Hong, also very friendly to China, the harvest of many fans, fans countless sister.Jin boyang said yuzuru Hanyu was his idol and liked him very much when he was a child.Later, because of figure skating two people know each other, and became good friends.Yuzuru Hanyu once cheered Kim Boyang in Chinese.Some net friends said that this session of men’s single figure skater each appearance level is high technology, the competition climax repeatedly, really let a person satisfy!Hope yuzuru Hanyu and Kim Boyang play well, finish the match normally and don’t get injured.Hope pomelo can repeat the reverse of 10 years, also hope jin Boyang can achieve better results.Some people think that don’t put too much weight on the hope value of a certain project, there is no absolute certainty, things on the field are changing rapidly, can only see the players play a little more luck, normal mind to watch the event, win or lose to accept.It doesn’t matter who wins if it’s not golden Boyang, Russia wins best.Hope yuzuru Hanyu 4A challenge success, I feel he is not to win the gold medal, is to challenge the 4A.Skit-type small-track events, such as short track speed skating and figure skating, are dominated by people of East Asian descent.Now on the field, Chinese athletes have westerners, western athletes are Chinese!You have me in you, I have you in me!With an Oriental face, The American figure skating great Chen Wei attracted attention. The free skating project requires petite and flexible people. The Five or three thick Westerners are neither beautiful nor flexible, so the Chinese people have congenital advantages.I hope you care more about technical progress and competition process, enjoy the process, it doesn’t matter what the result is.