How does Jiangling attract, cultivate, utilize and retain talents

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In 2021, jiangling county always adhere to the “people-oriented development”, firmly establish a “talent resource is the first resource” concept, build a more positive, more open, more effective policy system, pay special attention to the accuracy, system training, science), stay with your heart to the four links, certain achievements have been made in the talent work.I. Focusing on internal and external systems, unblocking channels for the introduction of talents of all kinds, and opening wide doors to “attract talents”.1, vigorously implement the introduction of high-level talents centering on the development of coal chemical industry, urban planning and construction, medical education, ecological environmental protection and other key fields in our county, opening the “green channel” of public institutions, introducing 82 professional and technical talents from public institutions, including 34 postgraduate students, 14 undergraduate students of “double first-class” universities.2, continue to carry out the “return” cadres engineering around the theme of “return home, home to construction”, continue to carry out the “cadres to return” project, in recent years has led to 43 on-the-job at different talents regression jiangling, solve the problem of separation, supporting the elderly, etc, with practical action to care for the cadre personnel, maintaining our county personnel stability.3. Attract college students to find jobs and start businesses in Jiang, find out the talent demand of enterprises in our county, and help Hualu Hengsheng to introduce 236 professional talents in chemical industry and machinery.The program of “I Choose Hubei — Realizing my Dream in Jiangling” has been continuously carried out, attracting 751 college graduates to Return to Jiang for employment internships and practical training, guiding 632 college graduates to find jobs or start businesses, and granting living allowances of more than 870,000 yuan.Second, we need to focus on targeted training, make overall plans for various talent teams, and take multiple measures to nurture talents.1. Continuous optimization of talent Cultivation and training System through the “Multiple College Students in one Village Plan”, 19 outstanding young farmers entered Jingzhou Vocational and Technical College to study.Hubei Traditional Chinese Medicine and other colleges were entrusted to train 28 grass-roots health professionals.Persisting in cultivating talents through competitions, jiangling Craftsman Skills Competition has been held for four consecutive years, leading the construction of a strong county with skills.(2) The number of talents for rural revitalization continues to grow, and we have mobilized and organized outstanding talents to go to the front lines of rural areas to carry out volunteer teaching, free medical treatment, agricultural technology education, and popularization of science and technology.We carried out more than 60 scientific and technological initiatives and 50 cultural initiatives in the countryside.Fifteen expert doctors were sent to the countryside for medical treatment, 16 outstanding teachers for volunteer teaching, and 130 science and technology commissioners for guidance in agricultural technology.A total of 68 college students were recruited to serve as assistants for village officials to strengthen the talent pool for rural revitalization.3. Local talent cultivation and training with the theme of strengthening the basic skills of education, 28 training courses for more than 2,000 persons were carried out;With the theme of enhancing professional competence, 280 health training courses have been conducted for more than 4,000 persons.With the theme of enhancing the ability to start businesses and get rich, more than 10,000 people received training in production and operation, professional skills, and vocational skills to start businesses.Three, strive to use only “Bole”, good to do a meritocratic example, not sticking to a pattern of “talent”.1, give full play to the talents, guide the talent line to make achievements in a comprehensive understanding of the personality and expertise of various talents, to maximize the advantages and potential of talents, so that “talents have a place to use”.8 people with strong innovation consciousness, good at using the introduction and return of new ideas to carry out investment attraction and project construction.7 graduate students of agricultural technology major were selected to enrich the rural revitalization work of our county as “intellectual vanguards”.In 2021, 122 outstanding party and government talents will be selected to take temporary posts in frontline positions such as land expropriation and demolition, rural revitalization and project construction to inject “source water” into the development of key areas in our county.2, people can move, incentive talents for the development of BSFLP is 2021 is the year of transition, strengthen political leading and absorb, recommendation 125 enterprise talent, 84 professional and technical personnel and other kinds of work as NPC representatives and CPPCC members, for our county’s economic and social development, people’s livelihood issues, environmental ecology, education, medical and other key areas,Put forward relevant motions and proposals for the county’s overall green and high quality development suggestions.3, know and make good use of people, talent selection adhere to the meritocrity of the county party committee attaches great importance to talent work, overcome the concept, system and other difficulties, jump out of the obsolete concept of seniority, boldly use talented young people, the introduction of 34 postgraduate students in accordance with the public institution management level 8 post treatment,The 16 talents introduced in 2018 have all been serving as middle-level cadres or business backbone of the company, solving the development problems of the industry and the company based on what they have learned, and ensuring the “golden period” role of the introduced talents.Fourth, improve the guarantee mechanism, create “close and distant” talent ecology, optimize the environment for “retention of talents”.1, solid progress in the talent housing project construction of high standards to build county and township talent apartments, unified equipped with furniture and appliances, to achieve carrying bags.At present, the 72 apartments of Limin residential area of the first phase of talent apartment in our county have solved the housing problems of 117 talents and reduced the rent of more than 300,000 yuan.With an investment of nearly 20 million yuan, 133 units of talent apartments in towns and villages have been built, and 128 units of furniture and household appliances and other supporting works have been completed in Hecheng District, phase II of talent Apartments, to provide superior living environment for talents.2. Actively promoting the construction of talent platform Taking entrepreneurship incubation base as the carrier, the company has built talent supermarket with a service area of more than 2,500 square meters. In 2021, 17 teams will enter the talent supermarket, and currently 45 teams are incubating.In 2021, 7 innovation and entrepreneurship platforms will be established, including 3 at provincial level and 4 at municipal level.Accelerate the cultivation of enterprise innovation platform, polymer successfully declared the national “specialized special new” small giant enterprise, XinBAobao spring and other four enterprises successfully declared the provincial invisible champion enterprise.3. Promote the construction of the atmosphere of “knowing and loving, respecting and using talents” and arrange more than 100,000 yuan of consolation funds to visit various talents and talent teams in our county during the Spring Festival.It issued the Opinions on Further Strengthening and Improving The Work of Talents in the New Era, focusing on improving the “golden content” of talent policies, gathering talent advantages with policy advantages, and providing talent guarantee and intellectual support for “expanding the two new industries and building one city and three districts”.