Grade group leader report three excellent model

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Dear leaders and colleagues, the extraordinary year of 20XX has passed and left us with deep memories.This year, let us all lun SIMS happy, encouraged, proud.Because under the leadership of the team in the president’s office, we accomplished the set work tasks at the beginning of the school year and achieved the set work goals.I’ve written a new and beautiful chapter.I, Miao Fengrong, was assigned to be the director of the third grade one year ago.Over the past year, I would like to thank all the teachers in grade three for their support of my work. It is your support and cooperation that makes the work of our grade group to be carried out smoothly and makes the work of our school to a new level.So, as a grade group leader, what did I do?Makes a brief report to you: one, to strengthen the study and understand the responsibility, to fulfill their responsibility grade teacher in charge is a grade school section of the concrete, it is the responsibility of carrying out the principal room, timely and accurate guidance place, teaching and research section, the young pioneers, brigade department and other departments issued instructions, guarantee the school to implement the work,Do what you command.I know my job duties by heart.Over the past year, I have done several aspects of the work: 1, timely convey the spirit of the weekly educational affairs meeting, involving the work of this grade section seriously implement, implement some things difficult, be patient, careful coordination, to ensure the smooth political order of the school.2, strengthen supervision, a day to ensure that there are three rounds, a morning reading, see the teacher to the class and the quality of the morning reading, two rounds of lunch break, understand the grade group teachers and students of the implementation of the rest time, three rounds of evening fill, see teachers and students make up the difference and leave school, as well as the situation of the class, find the problem solved in time.3, regular grade group meetings, according to the unified arrangement of the school, each grade group order before the issuance of serious preparation, timely recognition of advanced, pointed out deficiencies, put forward corrective measures.In the past year, the work of our grade group has been done well.Not holding the school back.Second, strive to do their own education and teaching work, in the training of students’ ability.This academic year I served as the fifth, sixth grade music class, because the class period 13, as a non-music professional teacher, the textbook does not understand things is more.I study with great concentration and consult with an open mind to ensure the successful completion of the teaching task.Cultivate students’ interest in music.I found some signs of musical plasticity.In music classroom teaching, I try to explore the way of interaction between teachers and students, and try to cultivate students’ enthusiasm and creativity, which has been very good results.At the beginning of the school year, the school arranged me and Miao Zhengdong class to check the quality and quantity of the products in the hall before 7:00 every morning. We knew it was a very important responsibility.We strictly perform our duties, adhere to the principle, refuse to disagree, found quality problems without politeness ordered to return.Over the past year, we have checked all kinds of products, the quantity is sufficient and the freshness is good.There was not a single mistake.Win praise from all sides.Four, existing problems and the direction of future efforts 1, grade group to do pioneering and innovative consciousness is not strong, passive implementation work to do much, take the initiative to arrange work to do less.2, go into the classroom, understand the classroom teaching situation is less, the number of lectures is not up to standard.Old know sunset evening, do not need to whip the month running hooves.In the new school year, no matter what the leaders arrange me to do, I will do my best to contribute to the smooth development of the school work!That’s all, thank you!Dear leaders and teachers, Good morning!In a twinkling of an eye, the work of a semester will be over again. With the care, help, support and cooperation of school leaders and colleagues, we successfully completed the education and teaching work of a semester and entered the tense and orderly review stage. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you all.Below I on this year’s work to the leaders and teachers to do the following report, inadequate, please criticize and correct: one, the main work: 1, our grade group is a united, forge ahead of the grade group, as a member of the grade group I, just played a link and bridge role.2, in the “three lessons” activity, the grade group can be described as various forms of promotion, even a little unexpected.3. The school has all kinds of rules and regulations, usually organize teachers to study the rules and regulations of the school seriously, especially the attendance system and leave system. If any teacher asks for leave, make arrangements for the top class, to ensure that every teacher consciously abide by them.4, safety work is one of the center of the school work, also is our grade group beg, often talk about this aspect of the work, schools do very comprehensive and detailed, but in front of the security issues, small-scale operations as if only the publicity and education, within our group of teachers, the better way is to teach students the survival skills, learn some basic damage prevention techniques.In a word, learning and safety are also students’ own business, let the students themselves to understand and acquire it!”Teach a man to fish” is better than “teach a man to fish” is this principle!Second, the existence of problems in the treatment of students generally exist favoritism, such as excellent students have more opportunities to speak, polite students get more attention from the teacher.Three, the direction of future efforts: 1, strengthen the management of students’ daily behavior norms, so that the class style, style of study on the original basis has a greater improvement.2. Strengthen the guidance and supervision of class management to narrow the gap between classes.3. Attach importance to information feedback from students and parents, improve work actively, and improve the level of education and teaching.4, listen to each other, learn from each other, narrow the gap between disciplines, so that the overall level of the grade can be improved.Of course, because I was also the first time that year leader, what experience, there are still many problems in the group.I will try my best to change, in order to strive for good behavior of students, students more excellent results!1, guiding ideology clear goals, formulate measures, pay close attention to the implementation, tamp the foundation, improve the efficiency of preparing for the examination.Specific to do: to form a sincere unity, full cooperation, overcome difficulties, inspiring, pool wisdom and strength of the high school teacher team;Do a good job of the class style of study, especially into the orbit of education and learning habits, learning methods of change, so that the class style further optimization, further strong style of study, develop a good habit of independent learning;Grasp the prominent acupoint layer, pay close attention to the basic layer, promote the middle layer;Strict classroom teaching, strict student management, strict quality analysis, strict information integration.There are 21 classes in grade 20XX grade two, including two Olympic classes and 19 ordinary classes.There are 100 teachers, including three for the third year.The head teacher is through the evaluation and selection of middle-level cadres above the school, and the section teacher is by the head teacher through the order of selection and employment, which are the first selection and employment mode adopted in Fuzhong.Our goal is to make senior one students have good habits of study and life behavior, do a good job of the routine education and education, and strive to keep the lead in the joint examination with brother schools, for three years after the college entrance examination undergraduate entrance rate of fu high record laid a solid foundation.1. Strengthen team building.Fully understand the current high in the face of the severe situation and huge pressure, strengthen the sense of responsibility and quality awareness, set up a good image of teacher ethics, full of energy, pragmatic, inspiring, enthusiastic into the teaching.2. Make clear the test preparation objectives of each class and discipline.Summarize the learning results of each stage, timely commend the advanced groups and individuals in the examination preparation process, establish a good incentive mechanism, reflect the collective and individual value of teachers in the examination preparation process, establish the service consciousness of teachers in the examination preparation, give play to the innovative spirit of each teacher, and fully improve the efficiency of examination preparation.3. Strengthen the routine management of the class and pay close attention to the management of students’ thoughts and behaviors.We should strengthen political and ideological education for students, guide them to establish a correct outlook on life, values and lofty ideals, and enhance their enterprising spirit and sense of competition.Educate students to strictly abide by the school discipline, guide students to learn how to behave, learn to cooperate, learn to coexist, care for students, encourage enterprising spirit, establish a harmonious relationship between teachers and students.The head teacher should give students the correct guidance at the right time, so that students put their heart and soul into learning.4. Cultivate students’ good study habits.Specific for: the habit of making plans;The habit of previewing;The habit of setting homework for oneself;The habit of sorting out the wrong set of questions;Summarize the habit of learning experience;The habit of solving small problems quickly;Take reading notes;Practice more words at ordinary times;The habit of communicating with teachers and parents.Fully improve students review efficiency.5. Coordinated various relationships to improve work efficiency.Under the unified coordination of the grade group, the class teacher should deal with the following three relations: the relationship between the teachers of the first lesson.Only the balanced development of each subject is conducive to the improvement of the total score.Teachers should overcome the tendency of departmentalism, establish the whole class, the whole grade of a chess consciousness, consider the overall situation, coordinated development, comprehensive improvement.Second, the relationship between teachers and students.The teacher in charge extensively listens to the teacher, the student’s opinion, collects the information, in order to understand the situation in time, in time feedback, in time remedy.Third, the relationship between school and parents.The head teacher should strengthen the communication with parents, so that parents understand the situation inside and outside the school, with the school timely, accurate, dynamic implementation of effective education.6. Focus on the improvement of teaching business.Each lesson preparation group organizes study discipline teaching outline seriously, the college entrance examination explanation.Grasp the direction of college entrance examination, enhance the pertinence of teaching in the teaching of high one, and do not do invalid labor.Summarize the experience and lessons in the learning process in time, and constantly improve the learning level and teaching efficiency.7. Joint examination arrangement.In order to strengthen the examination site detection and understanding stage review effect, but also to strengthen the horizontal comparison with key middle schools in the province, this year continue to participate in the joint examination with famous schools and brother schools in the province.Each examination grade department, class teacher and lesson preparation leader have to carry out the result statistics and test paper analysis, and form written materials.Grade level unified organization stage examination.8. Strengthen the whole process management of teaching routine: every teacher is required to carry out the teaching design carefully for each class hour, implement the “6543” efficient classroom, carefully determine the teaching content, carefully select sample questions and exercises, and strictly control the amount of homework.Strengthen student self-study management, class teacher, teacher guidance should be implemented in place.At the same time, arrange class hours scientifically and rationally, and make full use of all available time to organize teaching and testing.9. Strengthen collective lesson preparation and cooperation and exchange: we must implement the collective lesson preparation of the lesson preparation group, determine the key content, control the appropriate difficulty, discuss the key issues, research teaching methods, and arrange test questions to be organized according to the requirements of the new college entrance examination.At the same time, strengthen information exchange with brother schools outside the city, learn from each other.Pay special attention to the training of young teachers, because the new distribution of 12 college students, 2 teachers are in our one, want to make them grow as soon as possible for the backbone teachers in the fu, the main form is blue pair and grade ministry work guidance help photograph.10. Strengthen the guidance and stratified promotion of top students: Top students should properly increase the difficulty, speed up the progress and expand the capacity under the premise of laying a solid foundation.For different students to take the basic knowledge as the focus of teaching, appropriate reduction of difficulty, key hot spots repeated practice, fully tap the potential, one by one guidance and promotion.For the cultivation of outstanding students, the main object is: the key object of the Olympic Games class, in overall charge of the analysis of students’ weak subjects, and then the top students are assigned to specific teachers, the implementation of the tutorial system, the implementation of tracking students, learning guidance and psychological guidance.At the same time, strengthen the organization, arrangement, supervision and tracking of competition guidance.11. Strengthen the training of sports and art students. Collect the list of sports and art students with special talents.12. Communication and exchange with parents: The head teacher should strengthen communication with parents, so that parents understand the situation inside and outside the school, with the school timely, accurate, dynamic implementation of effective education.Especially the underachiever and the student that high one study state has obvious change, want to mobilize all the force that can be mobilized to them, include section office teacher, other student, parent to wait to promote a jointly, strive to mobilize their enthusiasm and initiative, when necessary can carry on home visit.