DNF: Why is the Sword emperor never improved?Yin was kicked by the sword emperor when he planned to fight, and female Qigong led him to paddle

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DNF: Why is the Sword emperor never improved?Planning a regiment was sword emperor played yoon, female qigong with his stroke DNF sword emperor career, since 100 SanJiao, has gone through the roof, has been in a mock god, god only a phantom period the longest careers, in more than a year of time, numerous players to join the sword emperor career, let “crazy battle, soul and sword emperor”, become the underground city has the largest number of professional career.However, after Yin planned to come to power, five rounds of career balance, a stick knocked the sword emperor unconscious, dragged down the altar.# underground city and warrior # 01 sword emperor never strengthen, equivalent to a weakened 20% full professional complete three awakening, planning, yoon has brought a series of professional balance, in the first round of 10 professional data average of about 20%, then the second, the third round, the fourth round of professional balance, in addition to the “black wu, create, sword emperor” three career did not strengthen,All other occupations are enhanced by data.There is a rumor among players that “the sword emperor will never improve”, which makes the sword Emperor players very sad.In particular, the whole class was strengthened by 20%, and some classes were strengthened twice, but the sword emperor did not move, equivalent to 20% damage of the sword emperor, no longer the super magic god.After all classes were strengthened, Yin planned to break the idea of “Sword Emperor will never be strengthened” due to the player base of Sword Emperor. In the fifth round of class balance, he balanced 11 classes such as “Sword Emperor, Creation and Black Wu”.However, the class balance of sword Emperor does not have a general adjustment, but only increases the damage of the three awakening skills by 15.5%, 10.9% and 9.5% respectively. Overall, sword Emperor gains about 5% bonus, which is very poor compared to the 20% bonus of other classes.03CP weapon reappearance god operation, strengthen the cross cut Hanfu official website in advance exposure of 110 level of the full career CP weapons, let a person completely did not think of is, sword emperor CP weapons to strengthen the skills, is actually a cross cut, one or not point, or point 1 garbage small skills: “loud empty cross cut automatic pursuit of the front strong enemy;[Fixed] The horizontal and vertical slashes of the cross are launched at the same time, and the character’s direction changes.Crossslash damage +20%Transfer skills to recruit stiff period can use the cross cut.For Yin planning to vigorously fight the sword emperor, there has been a spread among players, it is said that “when Yin planning to fight the group, the sword emperor kicked”!There is also a saying, “is kicked by the wet nurse, put a sword emperor”!Then, the helpless Yin plan, with the help of female Qigong and Asura, just smooth customs clearance.Of course, this is the joke of the players, but in the New Version, female Qigong and Asura rise strongly, especially female Qigong!Round 1 class balance increased by 18%.In the second round of class balance, the shield was nerved, and as compensation, 13% more strength was added, as well as 2 new active skills.The third round of career balance, cat boxing automatically released no consumption colorless, convenient improvement;In the fifth round of class balancing, 34 classes were removed and all 34 classes gained 8.5% damage.Under this series of strengthening, female Qigong took off, from the former dragon xiaoguang soldier, nian emperor, so that Yin planning to obtain the title of “Yin Nian Emperor”.Unsurprisingly, the subsequent three senses animation has been revised to 3-5 seconds, so Nandi must be the lucky one with 3 seconds.05 Summary The whole career three sleep completed, five rounds of career balance, the gap between the whole career gradually narrowed, but, a few happy and a few sad, a game can not achieve absolute balance.Sword emperor from the strongest magic god, fell to the bottom, but also been repeatedly suppressed, confirmed a word, “magic god take turns to do, next time to my house.”I am the player show, I wish the warriors abyss flash non-stop, the gold medal constantly, myth equipment see every day.