Chinese New Year group will buy Tiger 3X limited time special 49,900 yuan from sale

2022-09-08 0 By

New Chinese New Year carnival, Wuhu Anqi now car special, order car hit golden egg + 1000 yuan decoration gift + lifelong free maintenance, down payment 999, for 1000+, limited special price car 8 off the sale, more 3 years interest-free, up to 10000 yuan replacement subsidies!Website telephone invite into the shop to see the car customers to enjoy additional exclusive privileges!!Ruihu 3X Diamond edition enjoy the listing of 5 gifts: ① happy out gift: the first 10000 car users enjoy buying 1 get 2 (a brand electric car) ② Joy replacement gift: replacement car enjoy 2000 yuan cash subsidy (any model replacement Ruihu 3X diamond edition can enjoy) ③ You Le financial gift:Financial car purchase enjoy up to 3000 yuan of cash subsidies ④ Enjoyment of quality guarantee: car purchase enjoy engine lifetime warranty ⑤ With joy recommendation gift:Chery certified owners recommend new users to buy cars through the mini program “Chery Owners Club”, owners who have already bought cars can get a 300 yuan maintenance voucher and 10,000 points of Chery Owners Club, and new users can get a 500 yuan purchase voucher!The event will run from February 5, 2022 to February 5, 2022