Chery EXEED starway’s first hybrid model Chifeng ET-I entered the sales mode

2022-09-08 0 By

Honda as a petrol-electric hybrid system’s flagship brand in the domestic do or not is good, but the domestic independent brand vehicles also followed up on it, is on January 20, 2022, chery EXEED brand celebrity’s first plug-in hybrid zhuifeng ET -i also entered the pre sales model, the price of the booking according to height of 160000 yuan and 150000 yuan respectively.Up-and-comer star TUchifeng ET-I launched two versions of royal vogue and Wind up, royal vogue belongs to the low version, and wind up is the high-end version.In addition, star road official in the pre-sale stage, launched a more preferential car purchase gift package, enjoy quadruple car purchase courtesy and triple car gift.Now steamed stuffed bun and everyone look at star tuchepi ET-I, but the new car continues to maintain the main design of fuel models, the new car body size and fuel version of the same, length and width and height are 4533*1848*1699mm, the wheelbase is 2670mm.However, in order to cater to the development of the market and the psychological changes of young people, some upgrades and improvements have been made accordingly.One of the upgrades is the charging port on the wing panel and the tail tag on the rear of the car.In order to highlight the youthful atmosphere, the body color of the new model did not propose the more common red and black car market, but introduced three colors of blue, white and gray, three relatively young colors for everyone to choose, and the interior is all black colors.The new car will still have front-wheel drive power, with a 225/60 R18 model with large empty tyres.The interior of the new car also adopts the same design of the fuel car version, 12.3-inch dual-screen, Lion Smart Cloud 4.0 system and so on.However, the only difference is that EV and HEV buttons are added below the air conditioner outlet to adjust the drive mode (pure electric/hybrid).In terms of configuration, the front and rear headlights are LED, two-zone automatic air conditioning, antibacterial air conditioning filter element, intelligent electronic braking system, the whole car is equipped with panoramic skylight, luggage rack has remote start function.The premium model will be equipped with inductive memory electric rear door, external rearview mirror folding, atmosphere lights, dashcam, live navigation, SONY brand 6 speakers, panoramic HD video and other features.In terms of power, Star Tuchefeng ET-I will be equipped with star nuclear power ET-I all-engine superhybrid system, Star nuclear power ET-I.Star Nuclear Power ET-I is a plug-in hybrid system that will first be used in Star Trawling ET-I.Star nuclear power ET-I this advanced power system is simply said to be 3 engines, 3 gears, 9 modes, 11 speed.Specifically, the 3-engine includes a 1.5T in-line four-cylinder engine and two dual-drive motors. The 3-gear hybrid gearbox has three physical gears, the 9-mode represents nine working modes of the hybrid system, and the 11-speed is a combination of 11 gears.This combination gives the car a maximum power of 240kW (326 HP), combined maximum torque of 510Nm and a top speed of 18Km/h.In addition, the range of the new car can reach 105km in pure electric mode, while the fuel consumption of the new car is 4.8L/100km.It is also very fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.