CIGA Design Xijia U series Blue Planet, officially launched mi Youpin crowdfunding

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At 10:00 on February 10, 2022, CIGA Design, a Chinese original designer watch brand, will launch a crowdfunding plan for its U series Blue Planet watch on The Platform of Miyoupin. Miyoupin’s crowdfunding channel will leave users with mental impressions of “novelty and cool”, “sense of science and technology” and “high-end Youpin”.The launch of the crowdfunding campaign also witnessed CIGA Design’s brand power to lead the consumer upgrade through continuous innovation.According to understand, the seal better U series blue planet GPHG awards honor special edition of set limit to, as early as January 1, 2022 online came on Tmall, jingdong, have sold out 3 seconds app platform, on January 9, 2022 for the second time online reach 1 seconds after sold out, the day three platforms watch product category sales ranked first,Deeply loved by users and fans at home and abroad.CIGA Design as a Chinese original designer brand, brand innovation ability and influence has been recognized by senior watches at home and abroad, CIGA U series, Blue Planet, with outstanding design concept and creative watchmaking technology, become the first Chinese work to win the top prize in the global watch field.CIGA Design also became the first Chinese original designer brand to win the GPHG “Challenge Award”, achieving a breakthrough in this award.With the progress of science and technology, new consumer products serve as a vehicle for people to express their individuality. The design of high-end consumer products such as watches will no longer focus on the importance of highlighting functions, but on expressing the change of inner ideas in a personalized form. The design inspiration of “Blue Planet” is just like this.2020 global epidemic outbreak, this watch with the theme of “blue planet”, into the land, mountains, oceans and other natural elements, real recovery of the earth’s landscape, to care for our blue planet, from this moment, together to protect the human survival of the home, let the practice of environmental protection constant.U series · Blue Planet is different from other watch brands in design and appearance, the whole dial to micro engraving technology and anodic oxidation process to reduce the real earth than the land and sea, this only process has more corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, can keep the surface smooth for a long time, new do not fade.When reading the innovation on the pointer is also a brave attempt, CIGA design seal better brand for the first time will read pointer into the ocean territory in the form of navigation mark, cooperate with carved miniature earth hour hand will appear whole wrist watch “hands free” form of creative inspiration, to the vast planet appears on the wrist watch, give double vision and consciousness of the feelings.Follow the watch original asynchronous machine, to a certain extent, simulating the regularity of the earth’s rotation, the appearance of the entire dial appears in the design of a kind of extreme, the design team on the movement of innovation, inspiration for humankind’s oldest timer sundial, debug and research during the past hundred times, implements the clockwise turn 30 °, minute hand turn 390 ° way of walking,To achieve hours and minutes synchronous turnover, the original static clock disk and dynamic minute disk with a dial, to achieve a point can indicate the time and minutes of the function, this is a new breakthrough in the concept of watch reading.Product details were sincere, table mirror material selection of hardness is second only to diamond sapphire, double surface texture fully and wear-resisting, the dial using carved process, let the surface present clear texture, read more clearly and accurately when the watch case USES the fine steel quality, exquisite round texture, smooth line design art,After the experience, I gained the dual aesthetic feeling of vision and touch.On the function, considering the actual needs of users, deep groove technology on crown, uniform winding when debugging watches, reduce the movement injury, strap is food grade silicone material, flexible adaption, also the characteristics of both antibacterial wear-resisting, whole watch body is 3 ATM waterproof grade, meet the daily life waterproof.CIGA design better seal always adheres to the original idea, never rut on product design, but constantly innovation, taking into full consideration the needs of the users, the product design is more users, the brand in the name of design, to express the understanding of time, a function and the appearance of acme, realizing the unity of strength and beauty are the combination of standard.CIGA design seal was good for the new tide designer watch brand new countries in the field of consumption, use vanguard design elements for inspiration, to transfer mechanical art aesthetics to the public, in this kind of design concept, driven by continued to trigger the user on the expression of the inherent, from the product itself, the upgrade of lifestyle and inner thinking,Release the brand power to lead the consumption upgrade, which is the core of the new consumption concept and the original intention of the brand to break through with the original design concept.CIGA Design Seal good brand as a member of the millet ecological chain enterprise brand, the first work is in the millet product crowdfunding for the first detonation, can say CIGA Design Seal good brand many excellent results can not leave the millet rice fan has been the support,Therefore, when U series · Blue Planet won the GPHG Table temple level honor award, the brand is more willing to share this moment of national glory with miui rice fans with gratitude. It specially launches U series · Blue Planet Miui Product exclusive refined steel version, which is only open to Miui product users to buy, and limited to release 1500 pieces.Welcome to CIGA Design xijia official account for more brand information